Controversy about the origin of tectonic plate movements

Even today, many questions about the origin of life and the earth remain. Every day, through their research, scientists are getting closer and closer to the outcome of thestory. Unfortunately, in this world where only evidence speaks, controversies continue to explode about the origin of the activities tectonics on the ground. As a result, two blocs firmly supporting their positions emerged.

In fact, one of the groups suggests that the movements of convection of the mantle are at the origin of movements of tectonic plates. The other part on the other hand affirms that the activity of these plates would be due to the imbalance of the forces of the trio earth-moon-sun. Demonstrations are therefore undertaken to have the true source of these activities.

One of the schools behind these claims is theWashington University in St. Louis. Furthermore, Ms. Anne M. Hofmeistergeophysicist and professor of Arts and Sciences is one of the teachers of the said school.

Explanation of the movement of tectonic plates

According to some scientists, several external forces are at the origin of the rotational movements. They support their thesis by asserting that: “The sun exerts a strong pull on the moon, causing the moon’s orbits to lengthen around the Earth. »

Indeed, they think that the activities occurring within the plates would be due to a variation of the centers of mass and the orbits of the moon, as well as that of the Earth. Moreover, for these researchers, the difference in forces between the poles and the equator caused by the rotation of the Earth would be at the origin of the rupture of the lithosphere.

“Over time, the arrangement of the barycenter – the center of mass between bodies orbiting the Earth and the Moon – has moved closer to the Earth’s surface and now varies by 600 km monthly relative to the Earth. geo centering. This creates internal stresses as the Earth continues to rotate. »

Anne M. Hofmeister, geophysicist and professor of Arts and Sciences

A search for evidence and confirmation

In order to support their hypothesis, some researchers had the brilliant idea of ​​comparing the movement of the plates of other planets of the system solar like Pluto. In fact, their goal was to create a correlation between the volcanism and the size of the moon, its orbital orientationas well as the proximity of the sun.

“Earth is the only rocky planet with all the factors necessary for plate tectonics. […] Our one-size-fits-all moon and our special distance from the sun are key. »

Anne M. Hofmeister, geophysicist and professor of Arts and Sciences


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