Corsair’s gaming PC that wins its bet?

Corsair has just entered the ultra-competitive world of portable gaming PCs, after years of producing components.

The Corsair brand is known to everyone who touches, directly or indirectly, the world of PC video games. Over the years the firm has distinguished itself for its RAM or storage systems. Also known for its accessories, such as the brand’s mice and keyboards, Corsair is also a company with a major subsidiary in the world of video games.

With Elgato, the brand markets the Stream Deck, an essential work tool for anyone wanting to embark on the adventure on Twitch or another streaming platform. But a few months ago, Corsair surprised all this little tech world by presenting the Voyager A1600, a laptop designed for gamers.

Corsair jumps into the deep end of gaming PCs

Far from its habits, the brand offers here a successful device, with internal components obviously from Corsair factories. The firm has relied heavily on this device and has even decided to integrate the Stream Deck into it, making this laptop the only device in the world to have this functionality natively.

But with a starting price of $3000 (count 3,299 eurbones in France), the device was expected at the turn by the various testers around the world. According The Vergewhich dwelt on the technical characteristics of the device during a test (available in source), the performance is not enough.

corsair a1600
© Corsair

An average device… nothing more?

Indeed, although the device will be able to meet the demands of the vast majority of players, we can expect a little more from such a machine which is less impressive than the devices of the competition. The test also deplores the many bugs found on the Stream Deck’s touch bar.

A disappointment that we find when we look more closely at the webcam (only 1080p) and speakers that do not offer excellent sound quality. Finally the device seems to be a good option without however being the deal of the century.

Its smooth and licked design allows you to have a very good grip, without it being sensational. The keyboard and trackpad offer good ergonomics and the most complete use. This is arguably the best feature of this computer and all testers seem to agree on this.

The last important point about the Voyager A1600 is its screen. With a 16-inch slab, it is right up to the standards of the moment. Some gossips may criticize the (too) thick edges of the device, but this does not seem disturbing in use. Finally, the biggest black point of this screen is its aspect ratio of 16:10, a bit larger than the 16:9 commonly used in the world of video games.

Although 16:10 tends to become the norm, it is not yet the case, and some games have remained compatible only with 16:9 screens.

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