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Could Godzilla-sized creatures survive on Earth?

Since its creation, the Earth has been home to a multitude of living beings who depend on it. The existence of each of them requires adaptation to the living environment in order to meet their needs. After the disappearance of many giants like Godzilla or dinosaurs, scientists then wondered if creatures of such size could still appear. This question continues to generate public interest.

Several factors can influence the size of organisms. While living things as large as Godzilla can emerge, there is no certainty that they can survive. In order to try to answer the famous enigma, the scientists based their research on fossils as well as on existing colossi.

Moreover, this problem has led to mixed responses requiring new contributions which have made it possible to have a more conclusive response. If the construction of gigantic skyscrapers is possible, the existence of creatures the size of Godzilla surely couldn’t pose any problems.

Some giant creatures already inhabit the Earth

About two thousand five hundred years ago in the state of California a seed sprouted. This is the giant sequoia named General Sherman which to date is over 80 meters high and includes nearly 1,500 cubic meters of timber. To support such an enormous mass and reach a dizzying height, the sequoias use ingenious techniques. For example, their shallow roots with wide bases give them a more solid support.

In addition, the globe has a true divine entity known as Pando. The latter composed of thousands of trembling aspen trees is considered to be one of the largest living organisms on earth. It weighs over 6,000 tonnes and has been around for over 80,000 years.

All these observations have led some to say that it is highly likely that creatures the size of Godzilla will one day live on the planet.

The earth has limits for these giants

Nature may someday produce living things larger than Godzilla, according to scientific analysis, but it probably won’t be anytime soon. Indeed, the Godzilla has an equally impressive size and weight. To succeed in making such a beast grow, it would take a world where gravity is low, where the oceans are deep and the atmosphere is thick. A dense calorie supply on hand would also be essential.

Even with a lot of food, scientists believe there is little chance of ever getting animals this big. As proof, when an animal doubles in size, its mass increases by a factor of eight. The bones must develop means of maintain that weight additional above ground. Not only does it take more energy, it puts pressure on the heart and lungs.


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