could the river soap opera of France 3 stop at the end of the year?

Life no longer smiles on “Plus belle la vie”, the series broadcast on France 3 since 2004. The future of the soap opera based in Marseille is indeed in suspense: the audiences are no longer as good as before.

More beautiful life took some time to become the success of ratings that we know. Launched in 2004 on France 3 as an alternative proposal to the television news of the competition (it is broadcast at 8:20 p.m.), the series did not immediately find its audience. By sticking more to the news, the writers quickly found the right formula and since then the series has turned into a social phenomenon.

Audiences down

Since its launch seventeen years ago, France 3 has produced nearly 4,500 episodes of soap, which takes place in the fictional Mistral district of Marseille. Impossible to list all the social subjects that the series has taken up, because they are countless: we could see there, for the first time on French television, a gay marriage. Transidentity, surrogacy… Almost everything has happened.

But after record audiences (up to 6 million viewers each evening in 2008!), the series began to suffer from competition. soap operas like such a big sunon France 2, or even tomorrow belongs to us (TF1) eroded the ratings of More beautiful life. Last year, the France 3 series gathered an average of 3 million fans. Too few ?

The rumor has indeed run of a pure and simple stop of the series. France Télévisions, however, wanted to correct things quickly, explaining that the contract with Newen, who produces the series, ended on December 31, 2022. After this date, the end of Plus belle la vie, whose audiences are down, is a possibility “, indicates the group, which nevertheless adds that this is not the only possibility.

Discussions between France Télévisions and Newen have simply been reopened, as was the case two years ago, when renewing the contract. So there is still hope that More beautiful life continues.

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