Covid-19 would increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular diseases represent all conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. Recently, researchers carried out a data analysis of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. This analysis shows that people infected with Covid-19 are at increased risk cardiovascular complications between one month and one year after infection.

In reality, these complications include arrhythmias, heart inflammations, strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and even death. In addition, according to the researchers, these problems can occur in healthy people and in mildly infected people by Covid-19.

In addition, this analysis was carried out by researchers from the Faculty of Medicine of washington university in St. Louis and the St. Louis Veterans Health System. It was published in the journal NatureMedicine on February 7, 2022.

A global scourge amplified by Covid-19

“Cardiovascular disease” is a general term for a series of diseases, such as heart disease, thrombosis and stroke. In general, they are caused by poor functioning of the heart or blood vessels which are favored by smoking, an unbalanced diet, but also Covid-19 infections.

Furthermore, they represent a very high proportion deaths around the world. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), one in four Americans dies each year from cardiovascular disease.

4% higher risk in people who have been infected

Researchers analyzed medical records from the U.S. Department’s database veterans. They created an administrative record containing data on doctors in a population of 153,760 people. This population of individuals tested positive for Covid-19 during a specific period.

Subsequently, statistical models were used to compare cardiovascular outcomes with two sets of data: a control group of more than 5.6 million people who were not infected with Covid-19 during the same period, and a control group of more than 5.8 million people who were been infected between March 2018 and January 2019.

According to the results of the analysis, heart diseases were manifested in 4% people more than in those who were not infected with Covid-19. Overall, people infected with the virus were 55% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disorder than uninfected people.

Furthermore, they indicated that these risks can be observed in people with signs very low infection.


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