Craob presents the very first completely wireless ultrabook concept

This mysterious brand unveils a device that works entirely wirelessly, from charging to connectivity.

Lovers of the irreducible Jack plug know it only too well: today, in the world of tech, the hour is full wireless. It’s very simple: from recharging to connectors, in the realm of smartphones, it is now possible to operate without touching a single cable. Could this trend also affect the world of laptops?

Craob, in any case, seems convinced. This is a particularly intriguing company, whose work has been spotted by Mylaptopguide and relayed by Ars Technica. Impossible, however, to pierce the veil of mystery that surrounds it; it is almost impossible to find any information on this brand, except for those available on its site.

The latter is also surprisingly minimalist and presents only one product: the Craob X. But this one could well be sufficient on its own, because it is an object that is intriguing to say the least: a computer fully sealed laptop with no plugs or ports in sight.

The device will therefore depend entirely on its wireless connectivity. We already know that it will be entitled to the WiFi 6E standard; not necessarily a surprise today, but above all absolutely essential on a device of this kind since there is no possibility of connecting a cable to benefit from a better connection. We imagine that Bluetooth will also play a central role, but the manufacturer does not refer to it on its site.

The dongle-mania assumed and reinvented

As for charging, we were expecting wireless charging technology hidden in some sort of carpet, but that’s not the case; it will be managed by a magnetic square device, which attaches directly to the cover of the device. On the other hand, we do not know if it will support fast charging, at what speed, and if it will be possible to plug other devices such as a smartphone simultaneously. On the other hand, we note that this block also serves as a multifunction dongle; there are USB-C, USB-A, Thunderolt, Jack ports, and an SD card reader.

The concept is rather interesting; it’s a way of acknowledging the fact that there will always be a need for some degree of wired connectivity while optimizing the space occupied by the essential dongle. Whether or not it’s a snub to Apple, it’s a pretty interesting approach that we’d appreciate seeing on more devices, especially if “all-wireless” becomes a real fad. .

The manufacturer explains that this lack of a port on the body of the device eliminates many constraints in terms of the internal layout of the components. This makes it possible to offer an exceptionally thin and light device. Indeed, the Craob X would weigh only 860 grams for 7 mm thick ! Quite stunning; even Dell’s XPS 13 would seem bulky next to this featherweight, while its 1.2 kg on the scale is usually enough to make it one of the benchmarks in this category.

Not tall, but valiant

However, this anorexic chassis still embeds relatively high-end hardware for an ultrabook. Under the hood, there is a new Intel Core i7-1280P 12th generation with 6 P-cores (1.8 ~ 4.8 GHz) and 8 E-cores (1.8 – 3.6 GHz). Excellent hardware that should guarantee quite impressive performance for a simple ultrabook. This CPU will be supported by 32 GB of LPDDR5.

As for the display, the Craob X should prove particularly flattering for the retina with its panel 13.3-inch 4K UHD+, powered by a Intel Iris Xe GPU. On the visuals offered by the brand, we immediately notice the virtual absence of borders (90.2% screen-to-body ratio). A point that should also contribute to the viewing experience despite the small size of the screen.

On the other hand, no mention of the size of the battery. And this is a far from negligible “oversight”. Because with such a fine device, we imagine that the manufacturer had to be satisfied with a battery at best modest; we can therefore legitimately be worried about the maximum autonomy of the machine.

Finally, we end up with a device as attractive and intriguing as it is mysterious. We don’t have a release date, and to be honest, there isn’t. no certainty that this obscure brand will eventually release this product one day. But it is in any case a concept that we will follow carefully, because it is typically the kind of idea that could be taken up by the rest of the industry to the point of democratization.

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