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For the sales, Emma surprised us by significantly lowering the price of its flagship mattresses. Both the Emma Original and the Emma Hybrid see their prices plummet. The value for money is irresistible and unbeatable.

In less than a decade, Emma has caused a real tidal wave in the bedding market. The German brand has found an innovative model to sell beds exclusively online. By working on quality, price, free shipping and a 100-night trial period, the promise has convinced millions of customers.

Over the past 3 years, its Emma Original mattress has been the best-selling bedding in France – representing 7% of the entire market. His new model, the Emma Hybride, is more expensive (and complete) but has similar potential. For the sales, Emma drastically lowers the price of her two bestsellers. If you want to save money, don’t wait any longer.

For this second and final markdown of the sales, Emma is displaying reduced prices on excellent products. Suffice to say that the value for money which was already hyper aggressive is even more so for this operation. The icing on the cake, in addition to the displayed discount, you can receive an additional 10% discount with the code JDG10. Monday evening, discounts end.

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Whether it’s the Emma Original or Hybrid mattresses or the brand’s accessories, the flexibility is always the same: the manufacturer offers you 100 trial nights to convince you of its products. This makes it possible to test each of the sleep products in real conditions. You will therefore have no regrets: if you don’t like it, Emma comes to take them back and reimburse you in full.

Rather the Emma Original or Hybrid?

In its range, Emma has two main models: the Original and the Hybrid. The first is a mattress with memory foam (and other foams that provide the right support and ventilation). The second is a mattress that combines memory foam with pocket springs. The Emma Hybrid is more sophisticated, more comfortable – but it’s also more expensive. Note that pocket springs are absolutely not felt on a daily basis, it is just a method that is used to provide better support.

Attention, the Original mattress is also already positioned on the top of the range. It has been “elected product of the year” three times and the UFC Que Choisir has distinguished it. Emma has reworked it a lot in recent years and it has sold over 2 million copies across Europe. The Hybrid was released in April 2021 and it aims to reach an even more premium audience.

For this Hybrid mattress, Emma worked even more on the product and it was immediately recognized by the experts. The UFC Que Choisir elected it best choice in 2021. It is a top-of-the-range product that provides exceptional comfort at all levels. It is neither too hard nor too soft and it will suit as many people as possible. If necessary, you can discover his file here. It is still more expensive than the other model, but the sales allow it to lower its price.

The sales, an ideal period

What made the success of the Emma Original mattress is its value for money. It is positioned perfectly in the middle of the range of the budget that the French are ready to put for their bed. The luck here is that the mattress is also very high-end. In the end, customers are happy because they combine a high quality product with a low price.

Of course, the sales give one more argument to take the plunge. Emma mattresses are getting even cheaper with discounts that go up to 50% off the original price. This does not apply to all models or all formats. That said, on the Emma Hybrid premium, you have -38% off the price.

If you are looking to reduce the bill as much as possible, you can also use the code JDG10 which takes another 10% off the final bill. To take an example on the Original model in 140×190 cm, here is what it gives: it is at 479 euros by default, less the 18% savings for the sales, which therefore amounts to 392 euros. With the code JDG10, it therefore drops to 353 euros in all. It is therefore 125 euros in savings that you can make.

To take an example of these sales on the Emma Hybride, the reduction is even greater. On the 140x190cm format which is sold at 999 euros by default, it drops to 619 euros with the -38% discount for the sales. With the code JDG10, the sleeping rate even drops to 557 euros. This therefore represents in the end a discount of 45% compared to the original price..

On products of such quality, it is hard to believe to see such attractive prices. For this episode of sales, Emma is not pretending with prices that can leave no one unmoved. When you know that these beds easily last 10 to 15 years without moving an iota, it’s a great deal that comes to you right now.

This Monday evening, the German brand will put an end to its offers. If you are looking for an Emma mattress, these sales are a unique opportunity to buy them a little cheaper. The savings can be counted in several hundred euros and they do not prevent you from having the security of the 100 trial nights. If the slightest detail bothered you, the brand would come and take the mattress back from you at its own expense. The risk is zero on your side.

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