cross-play is here, how to take advantage of it?

Mediatonic announces the arrival of cross-play on Fall Guys between PlayStation consoles and PC players.

The players of Fall Guys can now take advantage of a feature highly anticipated by the community. It’s all about cross-play, which Mediatonic is adding to the battle royale via the mid-season update. Popular for a little while now, the game is now going to be the new cradle of parties between friends, regardless of the platform they play on. In a press release, the studio explains:

If you could previously form cross-platform lobbies in Custom Shows, now that means you can party and enjoy any of our applicable playlists in Fall Guys. »

How do I cross-play on Fall Guys?

At the start of Season 6, players could already take advantage of cross-progression and they can now use cross-platform features for the benefit of wild games. It could not be easier, you must have an Epic Games account, and connect it to all your media, PC and consoles. You will then be able to find your friends thanks to the list of Epic Games friends, and no longer thanks to the list comprising your unique platform.

In addition to this addition, the studio is making some rebalancing and bug fixes. Fall Guys is not yet available on Switch, but it should be soon, the port is expected for this year 2022. The same goes for the Xbox port, which is also expected. Mediatonic would like to reassure the most impatient, these two versions are still under development, the studio has not forgotten you.

Finally, a new game mode will soon appear. He is named sweet thieves and brings with it a new game mechanic: This game is divided into two teams: Thieves and Guardians. As the thieves scour the level to secure and steal candy, the guards must locate them and send them to jail. But don’t worry, the thieves can free each other with the push of a button…Exclusive to this mode, you’ll be able to make your bean walk instead of run. »

If the game mode will arrive a little later, cross-play is already available with patch 6.5. Remember to update the game before opening it to take advantage of all its features.

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