Crosscall’s new Action-X5 smartphone is for backpackers

It is always possible to invest in very resistant cases to protect your smartphone, but backpackers know that it is better to buy a device that from the start, was designed to withstand the shock. The French manufacturer Crosscall has understood this well with the new Action-X5.

Crosscall has lifted the veil on its new smartphone designed for adventure, the Action-X5. The French manufacturer based in Aix-en-Provence thus capitalizes on the Trekker-X4 launched in 2018, which included an action-cam. The new generation uses this technology, in an optimized version and a much higher photo quality.

Built for adventure

The device thus integrates a camera in normal angle of 48 megapixels (80 degrees) and a wide angle of 13 megapixels (120 degrees) at the rear as at the front. Crosscall’s software expertise is embodied in the X-Cam camera application, which allows you to shoot in slow-mo, in timelapse, or even in Dashcam (the phone films continuously but only keeps the last seconds). Finally, a Hyperstab mode allows the horizon to “stay straight” when filming in motion.

An editing application simply called Crosscall then makes it possible to create and edit films of his exploits. Technically speaking, the Action-X5 incorporates a 5.45-inch (18: 9) screen, an eight-core Qualcomm 6115 chip, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage with micro SD slot, a battery with a capacity of 3,850 mAh for 13 days of autonomy in 4G (11 hours with GPS). There is also a waterproof jack port.

Small originality, the presence on one of the slices of two programmable buttons. Crosscall requires, the device is certified IP68 (resistance to liquids and dust) and it has a repairability rating of 8.8 out of 10. The smartphone is available now for € 549.90.

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