Crunchyroll app brings its anime back to Nintendo Switch

Good news for gamers nintendo-switch who swear by anime: the application Crunchyroll is now available for free download from Nintendo eShop. The SVoD service specializing in Japanese animation finally has its dedicated app on the nomad of the Kyoto firm, and will allow the reading of anime like The attack of the Titans and Demon’s Slayer in docked mode as well as in portable mode.

Crunchyroll is coming to Nintendo Switch

While we are still waiting for the arrival of SVoD services like Netflix or Prime Video, there is at least one who has decided to take the plunge to settle on Nintendo Switch. Crunchcyroll is one of the essential platforms for streaming anime internationally and also in France, with a particularly comprehensive catalog. To be able to benefit from it, a subscription to the service is mandatory; Watching anime is totally free.

However, it will be interspersed with advertisements that can be removed through the paid subscription offered by Crunchyroll. This also allows access to the Simulcast to see the latest anime episodes on the same day as their broadcast in Japan. You will need 102MB of free space on your Nintendo Switch to be able to take advantage of the application, which can already be downloaded from Nintendo’s digital storefront.

Some of the titles available on the service include Attack on Titan, Demon’s Slayer and Ranking of Kingsbut also the eternal chestnut trees One Piece, Gintama or Bleach. The very good JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Ace of Diamond are also present. And finally, because we can’t resist making the joke: it’s now official, Ryo Hazuki’s adventure is finally coming to Switch. Through Shenmue the Animation, the animated adaptation of the famous franchise by Yu Suzuki, exclusive to the Crunchyroll service. Everything needs a start…

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