Crypto wallet Exodus teams up with esports betting site SportX

Opportunities are multiplying in the bubbling cryptocurrency industry. Exodus, a crypto wallet, will move to SportX, a specialist in sports betting in the e-sport sector.

We sometimes hear that cryptos are a casino where the lucky ones can win big (and the rest can lose a lot!). So what could be more normal than seeing a crypto wallet ally with a sports betting site… Exodus has indeed announced an agreement with SportX, specializing in betting on e-sport competitions.

An almost natural alliance

The bettor can connect his Exodus wallet to his SportX account, and thus use his cryptos to bet on the matches. Exodus converts the money deposited in the wallet into USDC, a US dollar backed stablecoin (minimum bet is $ 5). The user can then transform their USDC into one of the main cryptos in the market.

The e-sports sector, which is also booming, could further accelerate with the arrival of cryptocurrencies. SportX already makes it possible to bet with cryptos, and the attraction of e-sport is not going to diminish, quite the contrary. Halo has announced its return to the circuit! For Exodus, this is all profit: potentially, the portfolio will be able to reach a million additional customers.

Industry watchers have identified a sort of “special connection” between crypto and esports: users are broadly in the same age group, using similar technologies that erase geographic boundaries. In addition, the “financialization” of the gaming sector (GameFi) should also lead to the emergence of new possibilities for e-sport.

Remember that in France, betting on e-sport competitions is prohibited.

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