Crysis 4 formalized by the Crytek studio

Because the Germans don’t know the Crysis : Crytek has just formalized the production of a new installment in the first-person shooter game franchise. A semi-spoiled announcement a few hours before Crytek’s declaration, after a seasoned Internet user noticed the existence of an artwork never before seen on the studio’s social networks… But never mind—Crysis 4as it is informally called as of today, is indeed real.

German Quality

So our neighbors beyond Bavaria warn upstream that we will have to wait a little while before knowing more about Crysis 4the title is still only at its “early stages of developmentt”. In view of the growing ambition of Crytek productions, we can already envisage a release exclusively on new generation consoles and PC; it’s hard to see hardware from 2013 running what will surely be the studio’s biggest technological showcase to date. The release also clarifies that new content is expected for Hunt: Showdown, the multiplayer competitive dark-western game, for this year.”and beyond“, without further information.

Just over a decade after rocking Pentium 4s around the world, Crysis still remains in the collective unconscious of players as one of the most important FPS of its generation. A cult game status that won it not one, but two sequels—Crysis 2 in 2011 and finally Crysis 3 in 2013, each gradually abandoning the open promise of the first episode for more linear and less spectacular experiences.

After a first remaster for Crysis in 2020, the whole trilogy was released in a complete package last year. With a facelift in high definition (which was far from the case of the console versions of the time) and a reworked light management system, Crysis Remastered brings Crytek’s 3 games up to date on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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