CyberGhost VPN posts its cheapest offer ever

Want a quality VPN at an unbeatable price? This CyberGhost offer is absolutely the one for you.

As we move through the digital age, there is one topic that is all too often overlooked: Internet security. Fortunately, simple software exists to effectively protect your personal data and your online privacy: VPNs (for “Virtual Private Networks” or “Réseaux Privés Virtuels” in French).

This software is installed on your various devices and secures your connection, but also gives you access to other advantages, such as bypassing geo-blocks, for example. In this area, know that CyberGhost software is a big name. And the good news is that it currently offers 85% off and 3 months free on its 2-year subscription.

You can therefore take advantage of its services for only € 1.83 per month, right here:

Subscribe to the CyberGhost offer at € 1.83

CyberGhost, an essential tool on the net

It has been 10 years since CyberGhost was developed with the aim of ensuring the safety of Internet users. And the least we can say is that this software has clearly taken up the challenge, being today one of the best in the world.

CyberGhost is indeed at the cutting edge of technology. To protect you, CyberGhost encrypts your browsing information using a recognized algorithm. All data concerning you is then indecipherable, which protects you from all Internet risks such as surveillance, data theft or identity theft.

Beside that, the VPN camouflages your IP address in order to protect your identity and location as soon as you are connected to the internet. This way, you will be 100% anonymous, meaning that no one can trace it back to you.

Thanks to the CyberGhost application, you can also enjoy borderless browsing. This VPN gives you access to over 7,400 servers in 91 countries around the world so you can connect wherever you want. You will therefore be able to unblock foreign websites, but also Netflix catalogs and other geo-limited content.

The application is also equipped with an anti-malware filter and an ad blocker. And you can enjoy it on all your devices, because the CyberGhost app is compatible with the major operating systems: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux. CyberGhost also allows 7 simultaneous connections on a single subscription so that none of your devices are forgotten.

More than 270 € in savings and 3 months free

You will understand that the CyberGhost application is a great ally on a daily basis, whether you are a computer enthusiast or a novice in the field. You will therefore be delighted to learn that the software currently has an unbeatable promotional offer.

You will thus be able to benefit from an immediate 85% reduction on the 2-year VPN subscription, but also 3 months of additional subscription as a gift. Clearly, CyberGhost offers you the opportunity to take advantage of its services for 27 months, for only € 49.40 (to be paid at once).

Usually, it takes around $ 323 to have CyberGhost VPN for that long. This offer allows you to save more than 270 €. And if you’re struggling to imagine what it can be like, know that this offer drops the monthly price of the VPN from € 11.99 to just € 1.83.

Finally, note that there is another advantage of subscribing to CyberGhost VPN: the money back guarantee offered by this provider is spread over 45 days. Therefore, you can change your mind at any time during this period and receive a full refund if you wish to cancel your subscription.

So why hesitate? This CyberGhost offer is waiting for you.

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