Daredevil and Wilson Fisk will return to Disney+’s Echo series

The Hollywood Reporter reveals to us that Disney+ is preparing the return with great fanfare of Daredevil and his lifelong enemy, Wilson Fisk. This one should take place during the series Echo expected for next year, centered on the hard of hearing heroine having already made an appearance in Hawkeye and straight out of the comics on the devil of Hell’s Kitchen.


Hawkeye has allowed many fans to discover Echo, a hearing-impaired heroine who will now be entitled to her spin-off on Disney+. If the series promises to learn more about the origins of the character, it will also be a very good excuse for the platform to gradually reintroduce the hero for which it recently regained the broadcasting rights: Daredevil.

Indeed, after the departure of Netflix from the Defenders series, it is indeed on Disney + that we can find them since June 29. It is therefore now a question for the streaming service to integrate the latter into its Marvel universe, after in particular a remarkable passage Spider-Man: No Way Home. It would therefore seem that it is through the Echo series that this will be done.

The Echo series will roll out the carpet in Daredevil

This decision is all in all quite logical, Echo having a tenuous link with the blind hero. Indeed, in the comics, Maya Lopez of her real name, joins the army of Wilson Fisk after being adopted by Kingspin. She is then charged with bringing down the devil of Hell’s Kitchen, but ends up falling in love with the latter before turning against her adversary following the revelations about her origins.

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Already present in Hawkeye, these events could also be part of the new Daredevil series currently in production at Disney+. Echo, meanwhile, is still filming. The series is expected to be available on the platform sometime next year. After it airs, Matt Murdock and hopefully the rest of the Defenders will then have carte blanche to permanently join the MCU.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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