Darkest Dungeon II arrives exclusively on the Epic Game Store

Six years after its illustrious predecessor, Darkest Dungeon II arrives today, to the delight of licensed masochists.

In 2015, the world of video games was shaken by the arrival of Darkest Dungeon, a sublime strategic role-playing game supported by an exceptional Lovecraftian narrative. It is therefore with undisguised impatience that we awaited a second episode, and it is now done: Darkest Dungeon II – Road to Ruin is released today in early access exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

And if we trust the information distilled so far, fans of this video game wonder will get their money’s worth. Exit, the dismal hamlet which served as base camp in the first episode; this time the player will have to walk an equally sinister road aboard his caravan, and in three dimensions, please!

This considerably changes the dynamics of the game. The player will thus go through different environments where different enemies and NPCs hide. The route will also be dotted with points of interest; from a functional point of view, these will probably correspond to the special areas of the previous opus. The choice of the route will certainly be of crucial importance in the course of the game.

This suggests some very interesting new strategic choices. Instead of going to revisit the same place several times, the player will decide if it is appropriate to stop his convoy at each point of interest; do i really need the resources? Is it worth risking an ambush?

Same recipe, new torments

Because as much to say it immediately: if one relies on the framework laid down by his elder, the fights will certainly be just as merciless. Because for those who do not know Darkest Dungeon, this is not the kind of series to hold the player by the hand … far from it! Not only is the death of your beloved characters final and irrevocable, the battles themselves are traditionally brutal. You have to contend with limited resources, devious traps set by enemies, and the abilities of your broken arm band… and there is no doubt that Darkest Dungeon II will keep this recipe.

To take care of these demons, zombies and other evil entities, the player will be able to rely on a familiar cast. We find indeed all the various characters of the first opus, from the brigand to the apothecary through the knight, the robber of graves, and so on. As in the first of the name, it will be necessary to try to keep them alive, but also to take care of their mental health – otherwise the consequences will be terrible. This new opus is also equipped with a new system of social links between our companions in misfortune, which suggests a new layer of very immersive complexity.

So there is something to be excited about, and the most masochistic of gamers already know how they can spend their Halloween weekend! The appointment is therefore made on the evening of October 26, the game’s release date exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

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