data transfer and rewards for veterans

La Contrée-Clabousse is open to everyone for merciless turf wars and it has some surprises in store for regular squid.

That’s it, Splatoon 3 is here. If you have read our test and have decided to embark on the adventure, the clashes begin now! But some cephalopods already know about ink and paint. To thank them for their loyalty and offer them a suitable start, Nintendo reserves a few bonuses for this category of players.

To do so, just run Splatoon 3 on a profile that has a backup of the previous version of the title. The game will then offer you to transfer your data to enjoy a little boost not negligible. If you are one of those who wandered around Chromapolis Square in Splatoon 2here are all the surprises that the Cité-Clabousse has in store for you…

Weapons and fights galore

Once Splatoon 3 started and your data transferred, the start of your online progress will be facilitated with a lot of rewards and significant bonuses. As soon as your first online match ends, you will receive three Gold Cartridge Patents to use at the in-game arms dealer. As a reminder, these Patents allow you to buy non-unlocked weapons, offering the possibility of playing with your favorite weapon without waiting.

Credits: Nintendo

In addition to this reward, part of your progress is taken into account in Splatoon 3 to improve your multiplayer experience. Your rank will be equivalent to that in Splatoon 2, allowing for fairer matchmaking. In addition to that, Anarchy Matches (the equivalent of ranked games replacing Pro Matches) are unlocked instantly while you normally have to reach level 10.

All of these bonuses can be obtained with a simple save of Splatoon 2even without having played. Just pass the tutorial of this game before launching Splatoon 3. So, don’t hesitate to borrow cartridges from your friends to take advantage of this little boost. Also, if you have since changed consoles, your backup of Splatoon 2 may not have been transferred, in which case you will need to restart the game to claim the rewards.

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