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Netflix invites Wednesday Addams to its ranks, for a series directed by Tim Burton. What do we know about this project?

She’s weird, creepy, and a bit mysterious. Wednesday Addams takes up residence on Netflix for this fall of 2022. The character imagined by Charles Addams offers a new foray into the small skylight, almost sixty years after the original series. As Halloween is fast approaching, a look back at this very ambitious project for the platform.

What does it say?

The Addams Family has often inspired the small and the big screen. These cartoon characters have offered themselves several adaptations over time, whether it’s the series produced in 1964 or the film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld in 1991. This satire of 20th century America crosses the ages and does not seem to lose its its superb. This time, Wednesday Addams will be at the heart of the story.

The plot will confront her with the challenges of adolescence, as she enters the prestigious Nevermore Academy. We should follow her when she tries to find her place with the students. At the same time, she will investigate a series of murders that terrorizes the city. The fantastic will therefore meet the policeman. The first trailer has also been shared, the least we can say is that fans of the genre should be served.

We should also have some bursts of comedy, macabre to stick to the atmosphere of the series. Make no mistake, despite its quirky tone, the new Netflix production shouldn’t skimp on hemoglobin and chills.

Credits: Netflix

Who is the new Wednesday Addams?

In the collective imagination, the name of Wednesday Addams goes hand in hand with that of Christina Ricci. The actress who has now grown up has nevertheless had to resolve to leave her place for this new adventure. Netflix thus recruits one of its talents to play the main character. It is Jenna Ortega who is given the leading role.

The girl is not at her first appearance on Netflix since she had already made an appearance in the series You. Here, she will not give the reply to Penn Badgley, but none other than Catherine Zeta-Jones. This will camp Morticia Addams alongside Luis Guzman (Gomez Addams). Gwendoline Christie, inimitable Brienne of Tarth in Game Of Throneswill act as the guidelines.

Christina Ricci will also be there, but her role has not been confirmed. We just know that she should make an appearance during this first season. We will probably have to wait until the release of the first episodes on Netflix to have the end of this story. Netflix will no doubt want to maintain the mystery.

The Addams Family
Credits: Netflix

Who will be behind the camera?

Macabre and fantastic, who else but Tim Burton to direct this new series. The filmmaker, who had been rather discreet since his foray into Disney with Dumbo, returns to the front of the stage. He will direct the eight episodes of this first season. When writing the screenplay, Miles Millar and Alfred Gough will work. Their names are probably familiar to you since it is to them that we owe the series Smallvilledevoted to the origins of Superman.

Good news for fans of Tim Burton’s filmography, the director will find one of his longtime musical collaborators. Danny Elfman composed the themes for Batman but also those of The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack which will be at work. The trailer hasn’t given us the chance to hear any of his scores yet, but we imagine he’ll have fun with the iconic elements of the universe like the 60s TV series theme. .

The Adam Family Netflix
Credits: Netflix

When is it coming out?

Netflix maintains the mystery about this new production. Announced in February 2021, Wednesday has only been talked about very recently. It was the release of the first trailer that confirmed the release window for the series. Without going into details, Netflix gives us an appointment this fall to discover the first eight episodes.

We can expect to learn a little more during the Netflix TUDUM which will be broadcast on Saturday September 24 on YouTube. The platform should take the opportunity to provide some details on this very ambitious project. In the meantime, you can already see several Tim Burton films on Netflix, just to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. There’s no better season than autumn to explore the filmmaker’s tortured mind.

A season 2?

For the moment, Wednesday must have only one season. The platform does not take unnecessary risks, and probably prefers to wait for the first feedback before starting the production of a new burst of episodes. It must be said that subscribers and critics have not always been kind to his adaptations, many of them have not found favor in the eyes of the public. Let’s hope it won’t be the same for Wednesday.

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