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In a few days, DC will unveil its new film dedicated to the dark knight. Here’s everything you need to know about The Batman.

The batman: which actor will play the dark knight?

In January 2020, The Batman was entering its production phase. The feature film has been in the pipeline since 2015, but the failures of previous DCEU films got the better of the project. Ben Affleck, first announced in writing and in the skin of the dark knight abandons ship, before being replaced by Robert Pattinson. The English actor goes from the character of a vampire to that of a bat, the logic is implacable. Very quickly, Warner Bros. suffered a wave of protests and many did not imagine the interpreter of Edward Cullen donning the costume of the dark knight, regardless of the studios persist. It must be said that taking up the torch after the acclaimed Christian Bale and the effective Ben Affleck is not easy, but The Batman can count on its three-star cast to make us forget the saga of Nolan.

What casting for the next Batman?

To bring the new adventures of the batman to the screens, Warner has pulled out all the stops. In the casting, we must admit that there are beautiful people. After Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway, it’s Zoë Kravitz’s turn to play Selina Kyle. Catwoman is one of the key characters in the Batman universe, and this casting choice turns out to be quite interesting. The actress recently joined another successful saga: Fantastic Beastss, where she plays Leta Lestrange. We still know very little about the version she will approach, the character being sometimes a friend, sometimes an enemy of Batman. However, it seems that she will come to lend a hand to the dark knight. He will also have his work cut out, since several villains from the universe are announced in the casting. He should face The Sphinx, in the guise of Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) and the Penguin played by Colin Farrell (Minority Report). Gotham City’s mob boss will also be there, with John Turturro (Barton Fink) playing Falcone. Bruce Wayne will nevertheless be able to count on the help of Commissioner Gordon to flush out these thugs. The character, recently played by Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy or by Ben McKenzie in the Gotham series, will this time be interpreted by Jeffrey Wright (Westworld). Con O’Neil (Chernobyl) is also announced in a role that remains secret. On the other hand, for the moment no sign of the teammate of the bat, Robin.

What do we know of the story?

Designed as a stand alone, the feature film should take some distance from the DC universe in the cinema. Thus, we will not see the character joining the Justice League anytime soon, at least according to the rumors. The feature film should focus on the dark knight’s younger years, two years after he put on the costume. No origin story this time, but a plot close to the thriller. Asked about the subject, Colin Farrell announced, “Matt Reeves wrote a beautiful, dark and moving script. He is truly magnificent”. The director and screenwriter also said he wanted to take an interest in the character’s work as an investigator, still little explored on the big screen. The film should also be an opportunity for the bat to face several villains of the universe and should therefore dwell on the matter. In contrast notDon’t Like Fans, Phoenix’s Joker Won’t Face Pattinson’s Batman.

Who will direct this new Batman movie?

To succeed Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan, Warner has called on Matt Reeves. The director of Cloverfield and Planet of the Apes: Confrontation, will have the difficult task of taking up the torch. He surrounds himself with the cream of the crop and calls in particular on Greig Fraser for photography. The American has worked on several mega productions like RogueOne, Zero Dark Thirty or more recently Vice. In costume, it is David Crossman who works in duet with Glyn Dillon. The two designers are behind the costume that we discovered in the images. The first visuals are quite promising and many are already fomenting theories on the symbolism of the logo on the vigilante’s chest. Crossman and Dillon could have taken inspiration from the comics and chosen to insert the weapon responsible for the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne into the costume. In music, Warner calls on Michael Giacchino. The composer is at the origin of several famous themes such as that of Up there, Ratatouille and RogueOne.

The Batman: what release date?

To transcribe the darkness of Gotham, the attention of the studios focused on the British capital. A filming location that allows the curious to obtain some stolen shots of the filming. It is also thanks to one of them that we were able to discover Robert Pattinson for the first time in the skin of Bruce Wayne. But now, the teams had to suspend filming for several months and the release date was finally moved to a later date. Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves will present the film to the public on March 2 next.

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