Dead by Daylight available on the Epic Games Store next week

So even this Friday is the launch of the Black Friday weekend, there is something that surpasses any type of promotion: the purity of free, quite simply. As usual, the dematerialized blind Epic Games Store offers one free game per week for all its users – and already announces the upcoming headline for next week …

Thus, PC gamers will soon be able to acquire Dead by Daylight, the survival game from Behavior Interactive studio, starting next week.

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Darling scare me

True PC multiplayer phenomenon, Dead by Deadlight has found a place among lovers of thrills and asynchronous experience. This four-on-one survival game pits a band of unleashed Survivors against a single Slayer prowling the map, weapon in hand.

The success of the title of Behavior Interactive lies not only in its effective formula, but also in the plethora of partnerships achieved with famous licenses of the genre of horror in cinema and video games. Thus, we can find characters taken from the sagas Halloween, evil Dead and Stranger Things, but also resident Evil and silent Hill.

Hunting in all its forms

But in the meantime, it’s TheHunter: Call Of The Wild which is available for free on the Epic Games digital store. If we stay in the physical violence, it’s a whole different kind of experience that offers the title of the studio Expansive Worlds. With more than ten playgrounds from all over the world, TheHunter is above all, a game of hunting, that one likes the practice or not.

But it is also a very nice country walk game for those who want to put the guns aside and appreciate the modeling of the various reserves, forests and surrounding fauna. It’s still a little more flexible than getting kicked out by Freddy Krueger, you see.

TheHunter: Call Of The Wild is available for free until Thursday, December 2 on the Epic Games Store. It will subsequently be replaced by Dead by Daylight.

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