Death Stranding Director’s Cut is coming to PC

After being confirmed a few weeks ago, the version computer of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, an expanded reissue of the game from Kojima Productions, announces its release date on Steam and the Epic Games Store. An upgrade offer will be available to owners of the PC version of the original game, with all the content already included in the PlayStation 5 version—and more, including ultrawidescreen compatibility and Intel’s XeSS technology .

30km on foot, it wears out, it wears out

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be available from March 30 on Steam and the Epic Games Store, at the recommended price of €39.99. An upgrade billed at €9.99 will be available for those who had already cracked for death stranding, as was also possible on the PlayStation 5 version of the game released last summer.

On the occasion of the release of the Director’s Cut, the title will be enhanced with some new features exclusive to the PC: compatibility with ultra-wide screens and Intel’s Xe Super Sampling technology for a better frame rate. Finally, a new photo mode will also be included, without additional information.

Man vs. Wild

Revised and expanded version of the 2019 game, Death Stranding Director’s Cut has a plethora of new features to (re)discover the endless journey of extreme courier Sam Bridges across the United States in small form. This reissue includes new weapons for Sam’s arsenal to turn him into a real war machine, but also new scenario missions, combat techniques and even a race against time mode.

While awaiting news of the hypothetical sequel, Kojima Productions has already announced its ambitions for the coming year. If two new games on different scales were in preparation, the Hideo studio intends to venture into other media. It is with this in mind that a very young division was opened for the Tokyo studio, this time located on the coast of California, to develop new productions in the world of music, television and cinema.

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