Decathlon’s anti-theft GPS bike

The explosion of cycling since the start of the health crisis has unfortunately resulted in an increase in the theft of two wheels. To fight against this scourge, Decathlon has developed a bike integrating a GPS, without forgetting the services that go with it.

Electric, connected… And effective against theft! This is the portrait of the Elops 920e Connect that Decathlon will market from February 14. This is a new version of the Elops 920e, the distributor’s flagship model, and its main new hardware is the integration of a GPS. Available in two versions (open or closed frame), the two wheels can be located permanently in the Decathlon Mobility application.

A GPS and a service that brings back the lost bike

Thieves who would like to try their luck with the Elops 920e Connect will have to make up their minds: it will not be of much use, since the geolocation chip (developed by the Dutch manufacturer Axa iN) is in the frame, therefore extremely difficult to remove. The distributor does not stop at the material: the company has also thought of the essential services related to the bicycle.

Decathlon indeed offers a subscription at 10 euros per month which acts as insurance, it includes an option to recover the bike, wherever it is. A specialized company mandated by Laka (Decathlon’s insurance partner) is in charge of this service. His teams will find the lost bike and bring it back to its owner.

A Decathlon spokeswoman explained to BFM-TV that this insurance makes it possible to cover the bicycle even if it is parked on the public road at night. It recalls that the management of “claims” is facilitated, unlike traditional insurance. According to the latest INSEE figures dating back to 2018, there were 361,000 bicycle thefts this year. And according to the 6t office, 14% of those questioned gave up buying a bike precisely for fear of theft.

The Elops 920e Connect will be priced at €1,899 (the non-connected model is offered at €1,399).

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