DeepRobotics unveils a robot dog that seems already ready to live with its owners (video)

DeepRobotics continues to refine his robot dog Jueying Lite2, a machine that no longer seems so far from Spot of Boston Dynamics in terms of fluidity and speed of movement. The final video shows the mechanical animal trotting, doing a back-flip or side-spin, all with bewildering (apparent) ease. The Chinese manufacturer gives the impression that its robot is intended for a large audience, but in detail, a detour through the site’s “order” box opens on a request page targeting the identity and professional uses of the future owner. One point that is not mistaken: no price is specified on the site.

The Jueying Lite2 robot is the advanced model of the Jueying Mini Lite, which had already impressed us last March. This model is available in three versions: the Explorer Edition weighs 10 kilograms, can carry up to about 7.5 kilograms of load and has the NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI processor. The model above, the Professional Edition, displays identical strengths except that the onboard chip is an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX. Finally, the Laser Edition weighs a little heavier (12 kilos), can carry a load of 5 kilos at most, but in return, the robot is equipped with a LiDAR system which allows it to map very precisely its environment and ” automatically avoid obstacles.

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