Deezer announces a music catalog with more than 90 million titles

Deezer has just announced that it has exceeded 90 million titles in its music catalog. According to the streaming service, all of the songs are available in Hi-Fi quality, which corresponds to the FLAC format.

Deezer, the French music streaming service founded in 2007, has just announced asee reached 90 million titles in its catalog. The previous balance sheet reported 73 million shares. The company therefore went into overdrive to add 17 million additional titles.

Already in 2019, Deezer claimed to have a much larger catalog than its competitors, namely Apple Music and Spotify. Louis-Alexis de Gemini, CEO of the platform, then declared to offer more than 53 million songs on his platform. As you can see, this figure has only increased in three years.

Important precision, Deezer confirms that these 90 million tracks are available in High Fidelity Hi-Fi quality, which is the equivalent of the lossless FLAC format (16-bit/44.1 kHz). And this for all subscribers, regardless of the offer. Remember, however, that Deezer is not the only music streaming service to offer this quality, Apple Music also offering Hi-Fi quality, Dolby Atmos and spatialized audio at no additional cost since May 2021.

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Deezer now exceeds 90 million tracks

In an official press release, Deezer reiterates its desire to make all musical genres available to its listeners, thanks to “close collaboration with most major and independent labels around the world”. In addition, the service is keen to highlight its exclusive features, such as Flow, an algorithm that studies your habits to offer you titles likely to please youthe possibility of displaying the lyrics of many songs, or even SongCatchera sort of Shazam that instantly identifies a title.

As a reminder, Deezer discreetly increased its prices at the start of 2022. Since January 18, 2022, the prices of the various subscriptions have increased between 10% and 20%. Thus, the Premium offer went from €9.99 per month to €10.99 per month, the Family offer from €14.99 per month to €17.99 per month. If this new price list has caused a lot of ink to flow on Twitter, the CEO of Deezer has defended himself, recalling in passing that the service had not increased its prices for 12 years.

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