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Deezer discreetly increases prices by 20% from January 18, 2022

After Spotify, it was only a matter of time before Deezer in turn raised the price of its subscriptions. The Premium offer goes from € 9.99 / month to € 10.99 / month, while the Family offer goes from € 14.99 / month to € 17.99 / month, respectively an increase of 10% and 20%. these new prices will be effective from January 18, 2022.

Deezer Premium offer at Veepee

The trend is on the rise. Last February, Spotify increased the price of its Family subscription to € 15.99, compared to € 14.99 originally. Then, in October, it was Netflix’s turn to do the same, thus applying an increase of one or two euros depending on the formula. Deezer, for his part, had until now always reluctant to raise the price of his subscription. But it seems that the streaming platform has finally been convinced.

It is in an email sent to its users that we learn the news. “To continue to offer you the best service, optimal sound quality and exclusive content, we will increase the price of your Deezer Family subscription by € 3”, can we thus read, not in very small numbers almost, at the bottom of the page of the e-mail. The Family formula thus passes to € 17.99 / month, an increase of 20%. The Premium offer climbs to € 10.99 / month.

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The increase in Deezer subscription prices does not pass to users

On Twitter, the reactions were not long in coming. Unhappy, many users criticized the service of camouflage the price increase in a positive email, announcing in particular that “The subscription is getting even better”. Asked by Le Figaro, Louis-Alexis de Gemini, marketing director of Deezer, explained: “We had not increased our rates for twelve years. During this period, our library has grown from 4.5 to 73 million titles and our service has evolved considerably with the integration of new features ”.

A finding that is difficult to contradict, as Deezer struggled to stand up to the giants Spotify and Apple Music as well as to pay decent remuneration to artists. A point precisely addressed by Louis-Alexis of Gemini, who ensures that “70% excluding tax of the price of our subscriptions goes to songwriters, producers and artists. This represents 10 euros excluding tax on the 18 euros of the family package and 6 euros excluding tax on the 11 euros of the Premium package “. As a reminder, Deezer is one of the applications on which the French spent the most money in 2020.

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