Deezer now recognizes the songs you hum

Deezer has just announced the arrival of a new feature that will revolutionize the world of music streaming services. Song Catcher, its algorithm inspired by Shazam, is now able to recognize the songs that the user is humming, then add them to their playlist. A first among streaming platforms.

deezer song catcher

At the end of 2017, Deezer launched SongCatcher, a feature strongly inspired by Shazam offering precisely the same service: recognizing the songs broadcast around you. If it had not then revolutionized the music streaming market itself, its latest update risks shaking up the industry somewhat.

Indeed, Deezer has just announced the arrival of a new feature within SongCatcher, which once is not custom, is inspired by another innovation before it. Remember Google Search which allowed its users to find the title of a song simply by humming it? Bingo, Deezer now offers precisely that.

Hum a song, Deezer finds it for you

Integrated into the Search part of the application, all you have to do is sing, hum or even whistle the air of a song for Deezer to offer you a list of corresponding titles. If the app is right, all you have to do is add the song to your playlist with just a few clicks. A first in the music streaming industry.

On the same subject — Deezer offers the largest music catalog in the world with more than 90 million tracks in Hi-Fi

“We are therefore very proud to be the first music streaming service in the world to give our users the possibility of identifying a title simply by humming or singing it directly in the application”, said Alexandra Leloup, VP Core Product. Moreover, Deezer is not at its first attempt.

Earlier in the year, the platform indeed integrated the translation of the lyrics into its application, again a new feature among streaming services. “As we improve the algorithm, the feature will become faster and even more accurate when it comes to identifying accessible tracks in our library of over 90 million tracks”promises Alexandra Leloup.

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