Supprimer un compte hotmail / Outlook

Delete an Outlook or Hotmail account: how to do it

Want to delete an Outlook or Hotmail account that you no longer use? In this article, we will detail the procedure to easily and permanently close a Microsoft account.

Delete a hotmail / Outlook account

There are several reasons that can lead you to delete an Outlook or Hotmail account. You were using it for a specific need that is no longer on the agenda. Another scenario: you have several Microsoft addresses but want to leave some of them without leaving them active. Or you’ve just been wowed by another email service. Whatever the reason, in this guide we show you the steps to delete an Outlook / Hotmail account easily.

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Outolook, Hotmail: how to delete your account?

It has been several years since the Hotmail e-mail service changed its name to Outlook. Nevertheless, it is still possible to choose @hotmail as the domain name, as we have seen while writing this article. Either way, @hotmail and @outlook link to the same and unique Microsoft email service. Whether you want to delete an Outlook or Hotmail account, the process is therefore the same in every way.

But before you start, know that your other accounts and data associated with the address you want to delete will also be lost: Skype, Xbox Live, OneDrive, LinkedIn, Windows settings linked to your Microsoft account, etc. So check that the address to be deleted is not linked to any other service that you use frequently and do not forget to save your data. You can also forward your emails to another email service like Gmail.

  • Go to and sign in with your Outlook or Hotmail address if it is not done yet.
  • Click on the section Your informations located in the top blue menu.

How to delete outlook account

  • Then go all the way down and click on How to close your account.

How to delete an Outlook account

  • You will then be asked to verify your identity with the phone number or e-mail you provided beforehand.
  • Enter your verification method then click on Send code.

How to delete Hotmail account

  • Then type the code received in the field dedicated to this use.
  • Microsoft will then give you advice before completing the procedure. Use of Skype credit, current subscriptions, automatic responses to configure… Read everything carefully!
  • Your account will be closed permanently after 60 or 30 days (as you wish). A period during which it will always be possible to reset it.
  • Click on Following to continue the procedure.

Close Outlook account

  • It’s almost finished. Now you just have to tick all the boxes to confirm that you are aware of the effects of closing your account.

Outlook account closure

  • Indicate a reason to justify your departure to click on Mark the account for closure.

Outlook account closure

  • Your account will be permanently closed after the period you have indicated.

Outlook account deletion

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