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Denis Villeneuve gives news of the second film

The development of Dune: Part 2 is progressing according to its director Denis Villeneuve. Filming is due to begin this summer.

Despite a still complicated health situation, and a slow recovery in dark rooms, Dunes managed to establish itself as one of the biggest box office successes of 2021. The first part directed by Denis Villeneuve largely fulfilled the objectives of Warner Bros, which therefore finally decided to offer it a sequel. A second film that will explore the rest of the plot of Frank Herbert’s book.

As a reminder, the plot follows the young Paul Astreides who travels to the most dangerous planet in the universe, the only one capable of providing the most precious resource in the world: spice. As evil forces vie for control of the planet, only those who overcome their fear can survive.

Guest on Awards Chatter podcast variety, the filmmaker gave some news of the project. He confided that he was still working on writing the screenplay. “We will start storyboarding soon and the film is in the visual design phase. It’s that wonderful part where it’s just about daydreaming, staring at the ceiling, and thinking about the movie. I love. This is the moment when anything is possible, before having the shock of reality in 2022.”

Filming this summer

Denis Villeneuve only has a few months left to perfect his copy, before actually launching hostilities. Indeed, all the teams will return to the film sets this summer. The release is already set for October 18, 2023. Two short years therefore separate the two films.

Towards a trilogy?

For now, this second film will officially be the last. However, Denis Villeneuve confided last fall to be far from having finished with the universe. In particular, he put forward the idea of ​​adapting Dune: Messiahthe second book in the six-part saga. “Everything in its time. But if I have the opportunity to do Dune: Part 2 and Dune: Messiah, I’m blessed”.

So see you on October 18, 2023 for Dunes: Part 2. We will then find Timothée Chalamet in the skin of Paul Atreides. The actor will again give the reply to Rebecca Fergusson (Lady Jessica) and Zendaya (Chani). The latter should also play a more important role in this aspect, while Paul joined the Fremen. Until then, you have time to discover the adventure on paper, with the six novels of Frank Herbert’s cycle.

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