Denmark wants “green” air flights from 2030

Denmark wants to make the ecological transition a strong point of its policy. The promises are there, it remains to be seen if the actions will follow.

In order to end the year well, the Heads of State of all countries (or almost) deliver greeting speeches, in order to wish a Happy New Year to their citizens, but also to take stock of their last 12 months at the head of the country, and finally, make announcements of all kinds concerning the policy that will be carried out in the future.

If in France, as in other countries, the discourse was mainly centered around the health issue, in Denmark things were slightly different. Indeed, the Prime Minister of the country announced that it was necessary to act to fight against global warming. While in the Scandinavian countries the issue of climate protection is well advanced in France, with the flygskam (a Swedish word for the shame of flying) Denmark wants to preserve its aviation sector.

Planes yes, but green planes

Indeed, the country being largely made up of islands, these last must be well linked to each other. Several solutions are then available: the boat, which is the most common and obvious option. But the latter presents uninteresting counterparts. Indeed, boats can be polluting, the journey is very long than by plane and the impact on the environment, even with a boat that would not emit greenhouse gases is not negligible (disturbance of the aquatic flora and fauna).

The plane is therefore the preferred solution for traveling between the islands and the Danish mainland. But the latter pollutes a lot, too much according to the government of the small country which decided, through the voice of its Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen that domestic flights were going to have to be “green” by 2030. In her speech she explained that the Danes will have to be able to fly “green” as early as 2025 and that by 2030 “at the latest we (Danes) must be able to fly completely green”.

This promise is not new, however, as the Prime Minister has already given several such “deadlines” in order to accelerate the ecological transition. According to her, we must act quickly, so that these acts can have an impact and fulfill the contract signed during the Paris agreements.

Is the Danish miracle plan just an illusion?

Despite the enthusiasm of the Head of State, it is difficult to believe in such a political promise, as the alternatives are so lacking. Indeed, electric planes are only in their infancy, and the movement of travelers is still unthinkable for the moment. Finally, with regard to hydrogen planes, which represent the greatest chance at present, they are not completely “green”.

The EnergiWatch group, which brings together dozens of scientists around the world to reflect on the climate issue and give “a line of conduct” to politicians, was very harsh in the face of the Danish Prime Minister’s statement. The group said that Denmark’s position on the international stage is to wait for miracle technologies to materialize. Something which, according to them, will not help it to respect its international commitments in terms of climate emissions, making direct reference here to the Paris agreements, and to those recently signed in Glasgow during the last edition of COP 26.

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