Apple ipad mini 2021

despite the crisis, Apple still dominates the tablet market

While the market for my tablet records its first decline since the start of the pandemic, Apple continues to lead the industry thanks to the success of its iPad.

The shortage of semiconductors and the backlash linked to the covid-19 pandemic will not have got the better of Apple. According to figures from the firm IDC, the Apple iPad continues to largely dominate the multimedia tablet market in the world.

The news is not good for the tablet sector, however: after five quarters of constant increase, undoubtedly propelled by the covid-19 pandemic, successive lockdowns and new telecommuting habits, sales of tablets are recording a significant drop of 9.4% worldwide. Thereby, “only” 42.3 million units would have been sold in the third quarter of this year.

Apple dominates the market

Out of 42.3 million tablets sold in the third quarter of 2021, 14.7 million are iPads. A comfortable position for GAFAM, which largely dominates Samsung, in second place with only 7.5 million units sold, or even Amazon and Lenovo, which peak at 4.7 and 4.3 million in sales. At the end of the ranking, it is the Chinese Huawei who finishes the march, with 2.3 million tablets sold. Relieved of its subsidiary Honor, the giant loses nearly 7% of market share, at a time when the rest of the competition recorded a more moderate decline. Only Apple manages to do well, with 700,000 additional units sold compared to last year, and an increase of 4.6%.

The iPad for everything

It must be said that in addition to allowing the versatility of a tablet, the Apple iPad has evolved to offer a real compromise between smartphone and computer. Between its iPad Mini, its iPad and its very powerful iPad Pro, which could soon benefit from the OLED double-stack, the range of Apple tablets is unanimous among followers of the American brand.

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