Elden Ring date de sortie

despite the criticisms, it does better than any Souls

Elden Ring was surely one of the most anticipated launches of the year. Has it fulfilled all of its objectives towards the players?

This February 25 came out the highly anticipated Elden Ring. RPG partially imagined by writer George RR Martin (Game Of Thrones), the game developed by From Software offered a launch with great fanfare. But while some feared for the difficulty of the game – it was still developed by the studio behind the Dark Souls and of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – as it turns out, other issues took over when it was released.

In effect, Elden Ring experienced many technical difficulties, especially on PC and PS5. In question, servers full to bursting, especially in Europe, endless queues and some optimization bugs that have struggled to get through to players. So, after being critically acclaimed by the media, the game was quickly denigrated by many players around the world. But then Elden Ringis it a success or not?

Unquestionable popularity

For the moment, everything suggests that the latest nugget from From Software has met its audience well. Despite the launch issues inherent in all RPG releases of late, the universe ofElden Ring has seduced fans of this atmosphere halfway between the fantastic and the Middle Ages. It also won the award for best studio launch, ahead of all Souls games combined.

UK, Elden Ring makes 26% more physical sales than Dark Souls 3, released in 2016, not to mention all the digital sales, which have increased drastically in recent years. Unfortunately, many problems still undermine the experience of some players, especially on PC where the title is absolutely not optimized. Rather thought for the PS5, the game is still struggling to adapt to other media.

Save your game!

Even on Sony’s latest generation console, Elden Ring suffers from a few tough bugs, including one that could cause you to lose your progress. Indeed, it seems that if you put your PS5 into rest mode with the game still open – which usually isn’t a problem until the console is powered off completely – you could still lose your current progress.

Bandai Namco, the publisher, therefore recommends manually saving your game before any decisive action. Meanwhile, the development teams are still working on a corrective patch to solve this problem, but also the concerns of the hypersensitivity of mice on PC, the optimization of anti-cheat software or even the performance of the game in a way general.

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