developers tackle campaign improvement

343 Industries is promising plenty of campaign improvements for Halo Infinite with the mid-season update.

Released on December 8, Halo Infinite was rather discreet, surely for the best. Indeed, the less noise there is, the less the game has to worry, as evidenced by the chaotic and noisy outings of recent months. But that doesn’t mean thatHalo Infinite has no technical problems. In this regard, the developers are taking advantage of the mid-season update, scheduled for this week, to fix some of them, especially those related to the campaign.

Indeed, in a fairly brief blog post, 343 Industries explains some new features of the game, starting with the bug fixes for trophies, without going into too much detail. The studio says: From fixing achievement unlock issues to getting back into the game via Quick Resume, the team has been working on a handful of fixes for the campaign since launch and there will be more.

This update should fix an issue that was preventing first person animations from interpolating properly. If you’ve ever experienced framerate issues when climbing or reloading (or any other first-person action), you should see them working more smoothly next week. »

The multiplayer part is also not left out and will also be improved, particularly with regard to shooting, textures, but also all the performance and stability of the gameplay. As such, the studio explains:

“The update will also add new telemetry that will focus specifically on collecting data on instances of shots around walls or corners. It will also feature targeted improvements to reduce ‘rubbery’ around vehicles and vehicle debris. This work will help us continue to improve the online experience, but it doesn’t mean the end of the road. We’ve been closely monitoring reports regarding stability and performance on both PC and console. This update will bring some improvements. »

Deployment this week

As you will have understood, 343 Industries is not very generous with information, and simply skims over the main aspects of the game that will be improved. You will have to watch your console or PC during the week, the update should be deployed soon, even if for the moment we do not have a precise date.

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