Diablo Immortal earns record revenue in just 8 weeks

Blizzard’s latest mobile title is breaking into new markets and its business model is paying off big for the studio.

How the franchise’s latest installment works Diablo will not have failed to enrage the players. The usual recipe for the license favors hours of play in order to obtain optimized equipment and makes it a success. With the arrival of Diablo Immortal on smartphone, Blizzard breaks all the interest of the grind in favor of microtransactions. You have to spend a fortune to hope to loot equipment worthy of the name. Nothing surprising for a mobile game, but this decision remains disappointing nonetheless.

Still, the random nature of lootbox-worthy in-game purchases pays off big. Very big. Last month, we learned that the game had already garnered no less than $24 million. Not even a month later, the game is breaking records and unveiling impressive financial results.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?

As a reminder, the game has been available on Android and iOS for only eight weeks. However, the title has already managed to raise a total of 100 million dollars, a real record on the market. In fact, it makes Diablo Immortal one of the fastest titles to reach this significant figure, ahead of behemoths like Fortnite Where Fire Emblem Heroes (the latter of which, by the way, topped $1 billion some time ago). Pokémon Go, however, remains well ahead with a record two weeks to reach this phenomenal value.

One thing is certain, after such results, Blizzard is not ready to listen to the complaints of the players and to change the economic system of the game. Diablo aficionados will therefore have to wait for the release of Diablo IV before being able to find a title with classic gameplay and not tinged with microtransactions (even if this one will not entirely escape it). The appointment is given in 2023 for new, more classic adventures.

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