DICE is shelving the Hazard Zone mode ahead of Season 1

After a disastrous launch last November, Battlefield 2042 continues its long way of the cross to win back players. After a bunch of updates and other fixes, DICE tries somehow to keep the ship Battlefield afloat, even as its player base dwindles.

In this great rescue enterprise, nothing is forbidden – not even the outright abandonment of certain game modes. After ending the 128-player games for the Breakthrough mode, it is now Hazard Zone to bear the brunt of this major overhaul of the game.

It was in a post on the Electronic Arts site that DICE spoke about the changes to come for the game.

Electronic Arts

Battlefield 2042 deprioritizes the Hazard Zone

End clap for the Hazard Zone mode therefore. The one who was to be one of the pillars of this new Battlefield experience will be definitively put aside at the launch of Season 1. The development team admits that the game mode “did not find its place” in Battlefield 2042 and will therefore be deprioritized in the future.

While it will still be playable, no content updates will be released for Hazard Zone mode, except for major bug fixes. Hazard Zone opposed several squads of four players, with the objective of recovering various enamelled objects from the four corners of the map.

Among the other major projects of Battlefield 2042, the game cards will also undergo a major overhaul. Starting with Kaleidoscope, which will soon be reviewed from top to bottom, with new elements adjusted or added here and there to improve the gaming experience. The launch of Season 1, scheduled for next June, will see the arrival of a plethora of new content for multiplayer FPS.

DICE announces new weapons, new game cards, but also new specialists to spice up multiplayer skirmishes. Another major innovation: for the first time in the history of the franchise, Battlefield 2042 will receive a battle pass. It will allow players to unlock new gameplay items, but also purely cosmetic items.

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