Did Blizzard really cancel this Warcraft mobile game?

Blizzard seems to have dropped its World of Warcraft mobile game after 3 years in development.

A few months ago, Blizzard unveiled a brand new game inspired by its franchise. Warcraft. His name is and Warcraft Arclight Rumble and takes the form of a MOBA. If this project is still doing like a charm – according to the latest news – this is not the case for others who are extremely discreet. One of them has just been canceled, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The media claims that another Warcraft mobile game developed jointly with NetEase has just been abandoned after 3 years of hard work. On the project, a hundred employees, who were transferred to other work. Baptized “Neptune” internally, very little is known about the mobile game in question, other than the fact that it was an MMO spin-off directly inspired by the game World of Warcraft.

Other projects on fire?

This news is not a disappointment, however, since nothing had been officially announced by Blizzard concerning this project. However, this is not without reminding that we also expect another mobile game, a variant of Pokémon Go but with Warcraft sauce. This title also knows how to be desired since it has been a few years since we heard from it.

It will probably be necessary to be patient since Blizzard announced earlier in the year that it was planning many things in the mobile game market in relation to its franchise. In the meantime, the firm is still busy with Diablo: Immortal, which is already earning him millions of dollars. Although heavily criticized for its economic model, it seems that it takes a little more for players to get angry with a title like this.

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