Elden Ring date de sortie

Did Elden Ring manage to surpass Red Dead Redemption 2?

Apart from FIFA and Call of Duty, Elden Ring marks the best game launch since 2018 and Rockstar’s nugget.

This February 25 was perhaps one of the most significant games of our decade. Definitely already the game of the year, Elden Ring made more than a strong impression, it managed to break sales records, positioning itself as one of the most successful game launches. The popularity of the game is such that in the UK, Elden Ring takes the prize for the best launch since Red Dead Redemption 2, not including deductibles Fifa and call of duty.

That means he beats the titles Cyberpunk 2077 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, yet extremely popular during their respective releases. By taking into account Fifa and CODhe then places himself just behind call of duty vanguard. In any case, it goes beyond PlayStation exclusivity hands down. Horizon Forbidden West, yet one of the most anticipated games of this year. According to statistics relayed by Games Industry, it is 2.5 times better than the latter.

The media also explains that the vast majority of sales ofElden Ring were made digitally, up to 68%. The platforms primarily affected are Xbox consoles and PCs. Knowing this, we must still remember that Nintendo never provides figures for digital sales. It could therefore be that a game from the firm did better thanElden Ring or even Red Dead Redemption without us being able to know it.

A half-hearted launch

But for the past week, things have not been all rosy in the Entre-Terre region. Indeed, many players have complained about the quality of the title, especially on PC where the game encounters multiple display and performance bugs, but also server saturations which have led players to wait long hours, or to restart their game from the beginning once the European servers are added.

A wave of negative comments which From Software would have done well, which still manages to ignore it, and keep in mind the wonderful reviews from the press, but also from the countless players satisfied with their adventure. If to date, certain problems have not yet been resolved, we note thatElden Ring has found its audience and has a bright future ahead of it.

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