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The new Fortnite chapter 3 map is full of secrets to discover, here are some of them explained.

This weekend, Fortnite players were able to attend a spectacular event closing chapter 2 of the battle royale. Shortly after this, Epic Games introduced Chapter 3, the biggest change of which so far relates to the map. Indeed, the game has once again welcomed a whole new game environment … which vaguely reminds us of something. If you still haven’t found out, here’s a virtual tour offered by Epic Games.

The first season of this new chapter is called Turnaround, and when you look at the map, you quickly understand why. The platoonists among you will be glad to know that the world of Fortnite is actually a flat earth that has been completely turned over like a pancake at the end of Chapter 2. The players therefore wander through a new, albeit familiar, environment.

Like an air of deja vu

Indeed, some places on this new map remind us of the very first chapter of Fortnite, introduced a few years ago now. We thus find the Tilted Towers, an emblematic place for the oldest players. This part of the map, like more than half of it, is still covered in snow and is therefore inexplorable at the moment.

Players will watch the ice melt as the weeks go by, until the whole map is uncovered. In the meantime, you can still explore some interesting places, including the Sanctuary, the main residence of the Seven. A group of fighters who have been present for a while, the Seven are still a mysterious part of the lore of Fortnite, and we do not yet know the identity of all its members. However, their home should tell us more about them.

Spider-Man at the center of the festivities

You can also visit the desert which is located at the far south of the map. In it you will find a racing circuit or even arid canyons. Finally, the first season of Chapter 3 focuses on Spider-Man, and therefore introduces the Daily Bugle to the east of the island. These are the offices of the New York newspaper present in the universe of the spider-man, and which criticizes his every move.

The building itself is covered in canvases (one wonders who’s been there) and begs to be explored. This collaboration, which is not the first with a Marvel character, celebrates the release of the film Spider-Man: No Way Home which will be broadcast in theaters from December 15. For the occasion, Epic Games will offer you the possibility of moving like the hero thanks to the web-throwing gloves, available in-game from December 11.

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