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discover Joey King as a badass princess in this trailer

Princesses aren’t always just damsels in distress at Disney! The proof with this new film which is coming very soon on Disney+ and whose heroine is really badass! Simply titled ” Princess the film tells the story of a pretty, rebellious princess who leaves her fiancé stranded on the wedding day. It turns out that the latter is a horrible sociopath who seeks to seize the throne. In retaliation, the princess is then locked up and sequestered in a tower by her own father. But the young girl does not intend to let it go, it is in a radical way that she will escape and save her family from her terrible (ex) fiancé.

A film that promises to be well struck

As we can see in the trailer, this new Disney+ film will be action-packed, with some crazy fight scenes. The heroine promises to be as brave and fearless as badass. Our princess is indeed a true hand-to-hand warrior. It looks like Princess Merida from the animated film Rebelle with her indomitable red hair and her most charming pig character. His executioners are clearly going to have a bad time!

Joey King changes register

“The Princess” is worn by Joey King, who is best known for his performance in The Kissing Booth films on Netflix. With this new project, the young actress completely changes register by playing a character very focused on fighting and who will clearly spend her time beating up bad guys for a large part of the feature film. It promises !

“The Princess” will be available for streaming on Disney+ from 1er July 2022. In addition to Joey King, the film stars Dominic Cooper as the villainous fiancé. The rest of the cast is made up of Veronica Ngo and Olga Kurylenko. See you in a few days on Disney +!

Official trailer of the movie The Princess (VF)

Source : Youtube

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