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Discover the 3 best VPN offers of the beginning of the year

Because security doesn’t wait, discover the best VPN offers for the start of 2022, at 3 major software.

What if your good resolution for this year 2022 was to take care of your online safety? This is much easier than it looks, especially thanks to software called VPN. VPNs are tools designed to protect you on the Internet and in connected applications.

They do this by encrypting your data and masking your real IP address. But the strengths of VPNs do not stop there, they also allow you 100% anonymous browsing and bypassing censorship and geo-restrictions that are current on the net.

And to start the year off right, 3 major VPNs are slashing their prices. This is particularly the case with CyberGhost, the price of which drops to € 1.89 per month.

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The huge promotion of CyberGhost VPN

Do you want to equip yourself with a good VPN at a low price? Then there is no doubt that you must be interested in CyberGhost. This software is currently showing a unique promotion: it allows you to benefit from an immediate 84% reduction on its 3-year subscription, and adds 3 months of free protection.

You will therefore be at the head of 39 months of subscription for an exceptional price of € 73.71, to be paid in one go. This represents a monthly cost price of € 1.89, compared to € 11.99 in normal times. CyberGhost therefore offers you more than 390 € savings over the total duration of the subscription.

You will agree that this is an impressive offer, especially since CyberGhost is going out of its way to satisfy you. The latter will in particular allow you to thwart all geo-blocks, thanks to its vast network of more than 7,500 servers, located in around 90 countries around the world.

But CyberGhost’s primary purpose is to ensure your security. With this in mind, this software encrypts your browsing data (including your bank details) using the best AES-256 algorithm. At the same time, CyberGhost performs a complete masking of your IP address.

Your security is therefore 100% guaranteed, as is your online anonymity. For maximum protection, the CyberGhost application is available on all your devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, but also Smart TV, console or router) thanks to the 7 simultaneous connections included in an account. So why wait to equip yourself?

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An XXL reduction awaits you at NordVPN

Among the best VPNs in the world is NordVPN. The latter has excellent security settings, but also very interesting options. To protect you on the net, NordVPN creates a secure VPN tunnel by encrypting your browsing data.

Also, it completely camouflages your IP address, so as to preserve your identity and your location. However, the benefits of NordVPN don’t end there. This software also offers you the Kill Switch option, which consists of suspending your traffic in the event of disconnection from the VPN, for flawless security.

In addition, NordVPN is also fully qualified to thwart geo-blocks. This is made possible by its vast network of more than 5,200 servers, located in some sixty different countries. At the same time, NordVPN will also allow you to bypass Chinese censorship.

Its application gives you access to all the advantages we have just mentioned on all your devices, being compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux). And at the start of 2022, NordVPN is posting an immediate 72% reduction on its two-year subscription.

You will therefore be able to enjoy the advantages of the VPN for 2 years, at the price of only € 69.99. Compared to the base price, which is over € 280, you save over € 180. As a result, this offer drops the monthly cost of NordVPN from € 10.59 to just € 2.92. Quickly grab this promotion.

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Surfshark makes you a flower with a unique offer

To equip yourself with an optimal VPN, you can also turn to Surfshark. This software is relatively recent on the international cybersecurity scene, but it has made a name for itself. For your security, please note that Surfshark performs advanced encryption of your browsing data.

At the same time, this tool completely masks your IP address. You can thus browse anonymously and no longer fear hacking. To push your security further, know that Surfshark offers a function called MultiHop Servers.

This will send your data through several servers in different countries, in order to increase your security and your confidentiality. You can install the Surfshark application on all your devices – computer, tablet, smartphone – for unlimited use (the number of connections allowed is unlimited).

But Surfshark is also fully qualified to allow you to unlock foreign Netflix catalogs or watch TV channels from other countries. To do this, the VPN allows you to connect to more than 3,200 servers around the world.

And right now, Surfshark is offering you an 83% discount on its 24 month subscription as well as 3 months free. Your 27 months of subscription will therefore only cost you € 52.7, compared to more than € 300 usually. The monthly price of the software drops from € 11.43 to just € 1.95. Don’t miss out on this reduction.

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