Discover the best sellers of 2021

It’s time for traditional assessment of the video game industry in France, still served by the SELL (Syndicates of Leisure Software Publishers) on its official website. A look back at a year 2021 marked by strong hardware sales despite declining game sales, while Fifa and Pokemon are still proving their hand on the wallets of French players…

The year 2021 is marked by a new record turnover for the video game industry of 5.6 billion euros, an increase of 1.6% compared to the 2020 financial year. Hardware sales (consoles and PC gaming) are experiencing strong growth, with a turnover of 1.766 billion euros in 2021, an increase of 22% compared to that of the previous year. This translates into 2.37 million consoles sold, +2% compared to 2020. Nevertheless, the performance of software is down slightly: 1.996 billion euros in turnover, i.e. a drop of 11% compared to to 2020. 24 million complete console and PC games were sold in France, which represents -14% from 2020 to 2021.

FIFA and Pokémon Masters of France

Not surprisingly, it is FIFA 22 which sits at the top of sales for the year 2021, with 1.59 million copies sold on all platforms. The Electronic Arts franchise is as always extremely popular in France. In addition, it may well be that the next episodes are no longer referred to by this name, the recent events surrounding the American publisher and the FIFA organization suggesting that the franchise could change its name in the future.

When it’s not football that obsesses the French, it’s pocket monsters: Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon Sparkling Pearlthe latest episodes of the franchise to be released on Nintendo Switch, have totaled more than 600,000 cumulative copies, a great performance that remains far behind FIFA 22. Note that for the figures of Nintendo games, it is only sales in physical format, the Kyoto firm categorically refusing to communicate sales information about its eShop.

The Poékmon duo is closely followed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, again him, who continues to flow like hot cakes on the nomad of Nintendo, with 503,150 units sold last year. And who do we find just behind? FIFA 21 which, with 501,483 copies sold, just that. Finally, fifth place in the annual ranking is occupied by Call of Duty: Vanguard. The franchise, eternal chestnut of Activision-Blizzard, will have totaled 486,957 copies sold for its Vanguard episode last year.

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