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After The Boys Diabolical, The Boys will soon return to Amazon Prime Video for a long-awaited third season. Just to make your mouth water, Amazon has unveiled the whole thing first teaser of the season 3 of The Boys. And the least we can say is that it’s going to blow up!

Finally discover Soldier Boy

With this first video from The Boys Season 3, there’s no need for blah blah to provide a hard-hitting insight into the series. Paced by Imagine Dragons’ new single “Bones”the teaser indeed connects completely crazy and surreal extracts, with bloody fights and even erotic scenes. But above all, the video finally offers the opportunity to discover Soldier Boy, Vought’s very first superhero. Since Amazon announced that the character would be played by Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), fans have been eager to finally meet him!

Butcher has powers!

This third season of The Boys promises to remain faithful to the completely crazy spirit of the series with its characters still as crazy and caricatured. The video also drops a real bomb since we discover that in this sequel, Butcher (Karl Urban) has powers ! The character can now launch lasers with his eyes… and he seems quite happy to use them. Something to worry about the Protector who still seems both disturbed and tortured… Especially since his position as the all-powerful leader of the Seven could well be threatened by Soldier Boy.

This sequel to The Boys promises to be just as violent and uninhibited as ever. Something to delight fans who are waiting for the date of June 3 looking forward to finally savor it. Until then, for those who haven’t seen The Boys Diabolical yet, it’s never too late!

Trailer The Boys (season 3) Uncensored VF

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