Discover the look of the new virtual reality headset

Discover the look of the new virtual reality headset

We finally know the design of the PlayStation VR2the new virtual reality headset planned for the console playstation5. After several months of speculation and the reveal of the design of its new controllers, the VR headset is revealed for the first time in a post on the official PlayStation brand blog.

More refined, the design is largely inspired by that of the PlayStation 5, with curves and a color code that radically changes from the black / blue of the first PSVR helmet. The PS VR2 headset does not, however, make a clean sweep of the past and draws much inspiration from its big brother, still with the presence of the adjustable visor to move the screen away from or closer to the eyes, as well as its weight passion options at through its arch.

PS VR2 knocks out cables

Another novelty: a lens adjustment wheel to optimize the distance that separates them from the user’s eyes. Described as ” slightly Lighter than its predecessor, the PS VR2 headset has corrected a big, big flaw of the latter: the profusion of cables. The PS VR2 now only has one cable—which should make installation much easier.

Another similarity with the PlayStation 5: its ventilation system is inspired by that of the console, to ensure better air circulation. ” Our engineers came up with this idea to improve ventilation and prevent lens fogging, which will provide gamers with better immersion in their VR games. explains Yujin Morisawa, artistic director on the project. ” You will notice a small gap between the top and the surface at the front of the visor, which contains the integrated ventilation system.

The release also showcases all sorts of new features introduced specifically for the headset—although some were already known before, such as the design of the controllers. The PS VR2 will thus be able to display images in 4K HD, a technologically particularly important advantage compared to the previous helmet, even if the concrete rendering remains to be seen. An integrated camera system also promises improvement of its follow-up and its immersion of the player, just like the integration of a ” helmet return » sensory. As for the price and release date, we will have to wait a little longer…

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