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This May 17 marked the end of the first Overwatch 2 PvP beta. The trial period allowed the developers to gather important information to fine-tune the next release. Blizzard is sharing some of these stats with the public.

Overwatch 2 Beta
Blizzard Credit

Focus on the characters

The figures published mainly relate to the most used heroes in Overwatch 2, an early beta version. We note the breakthrough of new characters and stability among those already existing. The beginning was marked by sojourn which had a very high utilization rate. With 80% of presence, this new character fought most of the time in both teams. This sudden interest from which he benefited can be justified by the curiosity of the players. Being new, it is normal that it arouses enthusiasm. Players discovered the peculiarities of Sojourn and quickly returned to their usual characters. Its usage rate has plummeted in favor of reworked characters like Orisa which sits at the top. Behind, we find Doomfist, Bastion then dark.

Blizzard goes into detail by posting a chart showing weighted character usage rates relative to other heroes who have been cast in the same roles. This ranking mode has seen Ana tumble in favor of Sojourn and Orisa who are the outliers totaling considerable usage rates.

Other Interesting Stats

Blizzard’s post also factors in character win rates. This important data allows the developers to make the necessary adjustments for the balance between the heroes. These are complex numbers that can be interpreted globally to get a clear summary. The characters under development are for the moment little mastered by the players. They logically have fewer victories than the heroes present in the game since the first version Overwatch Original. Over time, the trend may reverse as players become familiar with the new characters.

Graphs also show how balance fixes may have impacted win rates. A fix for May 5 for example propelled Zenyatta in the ranking to the detriment of Soldier 76. This information is important for players and fans for whom the development of Overwatch 2 is a priority. We should also prepare for the June 16. The requirements and process to be part of the next beta will be announced on that date.

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