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Discover the new League of Legends game, coming soon to Switch and Neftlix

Riot Games announces a rhythmic runner inspired by League of Legends, which will be released on Switch but also Netflix in the coming weeks.

While Riot Games is still in full promotion of its Arcane animated series, inspired by the game League of Legends and available since Sunday on Netflix, the company has just announced the arrival of a new game, directly related to the world of LoL. This is a rhythmic runner, whose release is more than imminent. Indeed, from November 16, you will already be able to enjoy the title… on unexpected platforms.

You remember Geometry Dash ? If you liked this game, good news! Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story seems to use exactly the same principle. This is a side-scrolling runner in which you play as a Yordle particularly savvy on the subject of explosions, and who must finish his race taking into account the rhythm of the background music. This will therefore influence the orders you place.

This little game was developed by Choice Provisions, which is also behind the titles Bit.Trip. In a sense, these also look a lot like Hextech Mayhem in their operation. Everything is published under the Riot Forge label, which obviously belongs to Riot Games. In addition, we will find in the game the familiar face of Heimerdinger, also present in the series. Arcane.

Netflix is ​​already preparing the future of its video games branch

In addition, it seems that the partnership between Riot and Netflix goes beyond the animated series, since the game Hextech Mayhem will be playable on the platform later this year. Indeed, subscribers are aware that Netflix recently opened its gaming offer to all Android devices, with already 5 games available in the catalog at no extra cost.

In addition to this support, Hextech Mayhem will be available from November 16 on Nintendo Switch and PC. No mobile release planned for the moment. If you pre-order the game now, then you will receive an exclusive skin for Ziggs, the Explosion Expert.

For those who are still waiting for the RPG Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, also published by Riot Forge, the publisher announced that new information will be communicated in the coming weeks. As a reminder, this is a title centered around the fallen King Viego, another champion of League of Legends.

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