discovering an effective anti-heat wave solution

In the middle of summer, having a cooling device becomes an imperative and this column fan from the Rowenta brand has everything to be a good candidate.

Photo duRowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0
Photo of the Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0

Beyond its too simple design, the Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 does not fail to be functional. What hides such simplicity? Does the device have what it takes to compete with competitors? This is what we will show you in this test.

Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0: a device with a strange aesthetic

If the Rowenta brand has made it its mission to offer innovative solutions for home comfort, it is above all for the quality of its appliances and their design that Rowenta stands out from its competitors. But here, frankly the aesthetics of the Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 does not do honor to this manufacturer.

In terms of aesthetics, we would have hoped that the device would be one of the most successful models of the brand. All in black, it features an entirely satin coating. A sober and moderately elegant look. Although, the device fits well in most interior decorations, but more vintage and minimalist styles.

It must also be admitted that the fan imposes in all the rooms where it is installed, without taking up space. It can be installed in an office, in the living room or in a bedroom.

Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0: the magic of column ventilation

The Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 is a column fan and its very tall shape and its operation confirm this.

A booster fan

Why have a tower fan at home? This is by far one of the most practical models. Indeed, it is filiform and therefore very discreet. It can be transported easily within the same room or from one room to another. All these qualities can be found on the Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 tower fan.

Indeed, it is a filiform model. It extends over 1 meter high while its base, of reduced diameter, creates a solid base allowing the device to be placed in a balanced way. The Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 takes up very little space in the room where it is installed. If you can use it as an accent model in any interior, it is particularly suitable for small surfaces to save space.

Discreet but functional ventilation

In addition to its shape, the tower fan is distinguished by its mode of operation. Unlike a classic blade fan, this model has two fronts. The first, the rear facade, which sucks in the air present in the room. The second, a front facade is responsible for rejecting the air forward.

The particularity of a fan lies in the fact that the air flow is created, not thanks to the traditional blades centered on a propeller, but rather by a wheel. It is on said wheel that vertical blades are fixed. To produce the airflow, the blades rotate inside a housing on an axis. Thus, when the device is switched on, an artificial current of air is projected to cool the room in which it is placed.

Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0: a state-of-the-art device

Like all modern devices, the Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 is state of the art. Indeed, it is equipped with a control panel which makes the device very versatile.

Photo duRowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0
Photo of the Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0

Three fan powers

To launch the Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0, simply press the on/off button via the control panel. As for its airflow, it can also be regulated thanks to dedicated controls. You have the choice between 3 powers to adapt the level of ventilation to the degree of heat felt.

180° oscillation

We also find on this device one of the key characteristics of a column fan, that is to say its oscillation capacity. In general, this can vary from 60° to 360°. The Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 can oscillate nearly 180° and with a front that stretches nearly 1 meter and a 40 Watt motor, it can cover a fairly large ventilation area.

Ventilation programming

The last feature of the device, one of the most interesting, is its ability to be programmed. Indeed, you can program it to ventilate the room for 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. At the end of these time slots, the fan switches off automatically.

Air treatment filter

The Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 has an air treatment filter. As its name suggests, its function is to filter the air that enters the fan through the rear panel. Made of activated carbon fiber, the filter treats not only molecules, but also particles by the principle of absorption. Its purpose is to prevent pollutants from concentrating inside the device and clogging the wheel and the blades.

The Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 for short

From the presentation of this Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 fan, it emerges that it is a practical, functional and easy-to-maintain device.


As a column fan, the Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 provides high ventilation, unlike a conventional fan which works more like a fan. It is a discreet device, which can be moved according to your needs or installed in small rooms, without being a bulky fan. It is suitable for the ventilation of small rooms.


With its 40 watt motor, the Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 has the merit of being very quiet, in addition to having good ventilation capacity. It works mainly as an air cooler, being able to lower the internal temperature by several degrees.

Thanks to its features, it adapts to all your needs. You can switch from one power to another or program the ventilation, depending on your habits. The whole point of such a feature is the fact that it allows you to save energy. When we know that cooling the home is the highest energy expenditure center in the middle of summer.

Ease of use

The Rowenta Eole Infinite vu6670f0 is a self-cleaning device, which makes it easy to maintain. All you have to do is change the filter regularly.

The fan received in the test does the job, but is nothing exceptional. Normal considering its price. It’s not particularly noisy.

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