Discovering the 4-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner

Since its foundation in 2021, Ultenic has established itself as a benchmark brand in the manufacture and sale of household appliances, in particular ultra-modern vacuum cleaners.

Photo of the ultenic AC1 stick vacuum cleaner
Photo of the ultenic AC1 stick vacuum cleaner

The latest model, the Ultenic AC1, is a stick vacuum that is ultra versatile. Both a vacuum cleaner and a scrubber, it impresses with its modern design and very intuitive functions. What else does he have in store? Answers in this test!

Ultenic AC1 vacuum cleaner: design and construction

The Ultenic measures 27.8 long, 24.2 wide and 113.1 high. Its dimensions have been chosen to accommodate a set of equipment that gives it all its charm.


Acting as both a vacuum and a mop, it comes with a cleaning brush and a roller brush. On the handle were installed two water tanks of 1L each, one for clean water and the other for dirty water. With its clean water tank, the Ultenic AC1 can clean an area of ​​180 m².

Added to this is a dust container that collects all the particles sucked in during cleaning. This configuration has been designed so that liquid waste does not mix with solid waste, which facilitates cleaning of the device.

Charging and cleaning

The Ultenic AC1 comes with a tri-functional docking station that takes care of battery charging, self-cleaning (with cleaning solution) and storage. Thanks to these features, it is no longer necessary to remove the brush, run it under water and wring it out by hand.

Indeed, an automatic cleaning mode has been provided to wring the roller brush which acts as a mop for wet cleaning. The best thing about the Ultenic AC1 is that it self-sterilizes with electrolyte water after each cleaning. Thus, the function of ultraviolet antibacterial not only does not spread germs, but also does not leave residue.

Until October 24, 2022, the Ultenic AC1 is only 280 euros thanks to the code FREDAC1UL and a coupon of 60 euros!


Classified in the category of ultra modern stick vacuum cleaners, the Ultenic AC1 is equipped with an LED screen which gives access to the interface of the functions and intuitive information on the device. These include suction power, clogging, self-cleaning, battery level. It is also possible to choose one of the 4 cleaning modes via the touch screen function

Ultenic AC1 vacuum cleaner: the 4-in-1 vacuum cleaner

The Ultenic AC1 is equipped with a 200 watt motor, powered by a voltage of 21.6 volts. Thanks to this power, the Ultenic AC1 has an estimated suction force of 15 Kpa. It is she who allows him to ensure the complete cleaning.

Cleaning methods

As a worthy modern vacuum cleaner, the Ultenic AC1 provides multi-surface cleaning thanks to its dual functionality of vacuum and mop. It is capable of cleaning both hard floors (like tile or concrete) and wooden floors (like parquet). In detail, the vacuum cleaner integrates up to 4 cleaning modes, namely:

  • the “WATER ABSORPTION” mode, which only allows liquids to be sucked up (fruit juice, coffee, tea, water);
  • the “SMART” mode which allows you to suck up liquids mixed with solid bodies (bowl of cereals with milk for example);
  • the “STERILIZATION” mode which cleans dust and powdery residues (sand, earth, chocolate powder, soluble coffee) while sterilizing the floor;
  • the “MAX” mode which allows solid elements to be vacuumed (pasta, rice, etc.).

Each cleaning mode corresponds to a given power level. All suction strength information is visible from the device’s LED display.

Until October 24, 2022, the Ultenic AC1 is only 280 euros thanks to the code FREDAC1UL and a coupon of 60 euros !

Battery and autonomy

All this the Ultenic AC1 is able to do in a maximum of 45 minutes, that corresponds to the autonomy of its integrated battery. Four hours is the time it takes for the battery to fully charge.

What does the Ultenic AC1 stick vacuum cleaner look like?

Strengths, the Ultenic AC1 has them. This decryption of the device’s features reveals it. The fact remains that it has some pitfalls. Here is our opinion on the subject.

Comfort in use

In addition to its features and cleaning modes, the strong point of this vacuum cleaner is its ease of use. Indeed, what is expected a priori from a stick vacuum cleaner is the finesse of its construction. The least we can say with the Ultenic AC1 is that it is not in the finesse given its size (2 kg).

However, this absolutely does not affect its comfort of use, since the manufacturer has compensated for this lack of finesse with a more than interesting functionality. Indeed, the roller of the vacuum cleaner incorporates a traction system which triggers an intuitive traction movement. Thanks to it, the vacuum cleaner moves forward like a lawn mower, so that the user does not feel the weight of the device.

Ease of maintenance

The ease of use of the Ulteric AC1 also comes from its ease of maintenance. This is mainly due to its triple tank (clean water, waste water and solid waste) and its intuitive cleaning station which facilitates the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner sweeps. Thanks to the HEPA 10 filter with which the vacuum cleaner is equipped, its motor is completely protected from any infiltration of dust particles.

Until October 24, 2022, the Ultenic AC1 is only 280 euros thanks to the code FREDAC1UL and a coupon of 60 euros!

Economical use

The Ultenic AC1 is unique in that it stands out as a very economical vacuum cleaner. With 1L you can clean up to 180 m² of surface; it is the surface of a detached house with 5 rooms. If you live in an apartment, you have plenty of room for several washing sessions before you run out of water, which allows you to save on your water consumption.


Versatility is all you expect from a vacuum cleaner of this ilk. It turns out that nothing can stand up to the Ultenic AC1, whether it’s a bowl of spilled milk cereal, dirt, pet hair, pasta or even sticky dirt. To this end, the device combines several cleaning modes (dry, wet, food residue).

Sound level

With a 200 watt motor and 15 Kpa suction power, the Ultenic AC1 isn’t the quietest stick vacuum of its generation. It produces up to 76 dB where a vacuum cleaner considered silent no longer emits 65 to 70 dB. This is one of the downsides of this stick vacuum.

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