Discovering the monster hidden behind such a small cleaning robot

It’s hard to believe that behind a very small robot vacuum cleaner (barely 4 kg on the scale and about 40 cm in diameter) hides a high-performance cleaning device. However, everything suggests that this vacuum cleaner has nothing to envy to its larger competitors, neither in efficiency nor in power.

Picture of the Dreame L10 Pro
Picture of the Dreame L10 Pro

On the contrary, it seems to have achieved the feat of ranking among the smallest vacuum cleaners of its generation, without losing any functionality. Let’s discover what I will honestly call a cleaning monster.

Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner: presentation

Due to its dimensions, the Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner ranks in the range of the smallest cleaning devices. At only 14.5 cm high and 46.1 cm in diameter, the device is wide enough to cover a wide cleaning spectrum, but low enough to pass under the furniture in your home.

Everything has been thought out to prevent the device from getting stuck during cleaning sessions. Regarding its weight, it remains relatively correct for this type of device (3.70 kg). In terms of design, the Dreame L10 Pro is a very modern device, which will not stain your interior decoration.

It is also available in several colors (white and black) to suit all tastes. It comes with a charging stand, which it joins at the end of each cleaning to recharge its battery and be operational for the next session.

Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner: power and cleaning functions

In addition to its very flattering design, the Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner is talked about because of its power. After all, what is expected of a vacuum cleaner, no matter how good it looks, is to be efficient while cleaning.

To this end, this robot vacuum cleaner has a 46 Watt motor, with a level of 70 dB. This motor gives it a suction power of 4000 Pa. The device, thanks to its performance, is positioned as a 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner. Integrating two cleaning modes (dry and wet), it is able to vacuum and to wash.

The vacuum function

When used for cleaning, the device performs well enough for cleaning hard floors (tiles, parquet), but also for cleaning carpets. It is capable of sucking up dust, food crumbs, as well as hair and pet hair.

Indeed, the Dreame L10 Pro has at least 4 suction speeds which automatically adapt to the type of surface or waste being vacuumed for the most effective cleaning. To collect the vacuumed waste, it has a 570 ml dust tank, able to last over several cleaning sessions before being emptied.

Moreover, the manufacturer has chosen to equip the robot vacuum cleaner with a suspended orifice, the shape and positioning of which (near the ground) increase its suction capacities. In terms of cleaning efficiency, the Dreame L10 Pro therefore ranks among the best robot vacuum cleaners 2022.

The washing function

In addition to the “dry mode” which allows you to vacuum solid waste, the Dreame L10 pro also has a “wet mode”. Thanks to him, the device is able to wash the floor. Supplied with water from its 270 ml water tank, it first diffuses the water using an electronically controlled water pump; it enables intelligent water control.

In a second step, the side brush with which the device is equipped takes over to scrub and thoroughly clean the floor. It should be noted that the Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner comes with a multi-floor mop, a mechanism that heats the water in the tank and turns it into water vapor during the washing session.

Thanks to this specificity, it can effectively wash several types of floors, while removing the most stubborn stains and odors more easily. The steam flow is automatically adjusted by the device according to the element to be cleaned.

Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner: battery and autonomy

Wireless model, the Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner is a completely autonomous model. It incorporates, for this purpose, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5,200 mAh. It allows the device to have an autonomy of 150 minutes. In a single charge cycle, it is able to cover the cleaning of an area of ​​250 m² in “dry cleaning” mode.

Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner: multimedia

What’s a next-gen robot vacuum without the multimedia features? The Dreame L10 Pro does not lack it, since it has been equipped with everything you need for intelligent and autonomous cleaning.

Parts mapping

With the 3D scan technology that it embeds, this robot vacuum cleaner is able to carry out, from the first use, the complete mapping of your home and each of the rooms. You can thus program the cleaning of the whole accommodation or that of one or more rooms in particular.

Combined with the robot’s Lidar navigation system, this feature makes it easy to customize cleaning from room to room. Better still, the robot is able to resume cleaning where it left off if, in the meantime, it had become unloaded during the cleaning cycle. All this configuration is done from your phone, via a dedicated application.

The installation of the application, however, proved to be more complicated. The connection with the telephone was not made. An error occurred each time. And when there was no error, the name of the vacuum cleaner did not appear on the phone. I had to reset the robot to the factory settings for the connection to be made normally.

Area cleaning

The principle of cleaning by zone is simple: from the Dreame L10 Pro vacuum cleaner management application, you can tell the device the type of cleaning to be carried out, depending on whether the zone needs to be vacuumed and/or washed.

It can also be configured to pass several times in the same area. In either case, the purpose of this feature is to make cleaning as precise as possible.

Edge cleaning

All the efficiency of the Dreame L10 Pro robot comes from the fact that it is configured, and this, despite its round shape, to clean corners and edges as well as the rest of the room. The suction speed used for these places is such that all the waste is thoroughly sucked up.

Invisible wall technology

You can use the invisible wall setting to define virtual boundaries for the robot, in other words, areas not to clean during its sessions. The configuration is done from the mobile application.

Overlap, fall and obstacle avoidance technology

Intelligent enough, the cleaning robot is able to overlap thresholds or slides, if you have them at home, as long as their height does not exceed 20 mm. With this feature, therefore, it is not limited in its cleaning capacity and does not need your intervention each time you face this type of obstacle.

Avoidance technology is based on anti-fall or cliff sensors. Their role is to stop him when he arrives, during the cleaning session, in front of a gap which puts him at risk of falling and therefore of damage. This is the case for example for the edges of stairs.

As for the obstacle avoidance or “anti-collision” technology, it allows the Dreame L10 Pro robot to avoid all objects it encounters during a cleaning session, in particular furniture legs, household appliances, or other objects in the daily. In all, it is able to recognize up to 100 different obstacles, thus limiting the risk of becoming entangled under furniture that is too low.

Alexa/WiFi control

As you will have understood, the Dreame L10 Pro is fully controllable via the mobile application. The robot being compatible via WiFi, you just have to pair your phone to it via WiFi.

However, the manufacturer has provided another way to use the vacuum cleaner: Alexa voice control. Thanks to this feature, all you have to do is state your requests vocally and the robot will run immediately.

Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner in summary

After testing the Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner, what should we take away from this review?

Efficiency and economy

The main innovation with this robot vacuum cleaner is the mop with which it comes. The steam cleaning mode has several advantages. First, it avoids the use of too much water, which makes the device very economical.

Then, as the stains are removed more easily, the action of the brush remains superficial, which means that your floor is not damaged, especially when it comes to parquet which is known to be very sensitive to scratches and stains. ‘humidity.

Finally, the use of steam acts as a disinfectant, which makes the device interesting if you have animals at home or small children.

Ultra functionality and autonomy

The Dreame L10 Pro embeds most of the features expected of a cleaning robot of its generation. Not only does it vacuum and wash perfectly, but it is also programmable, which makes it totally autonomous.

After washing, it leaves no streaks and dries fairly quickly. Clearly, this robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to optimize the cleaning of your home, which makes it the perfect cleaning companion.

Value for money

The most interesting thing about this robot vacuum cleaner is certainly its quality/price ratio. With its 4000 Pa suction power and 4 speeds, it is twice as effective as competing models, for a relatively affordable price. It is therefore positioned among the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners of 2022.

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