Disney abandons the Marvel series to make a movie

Armor Wars was announced as the next Marvel series for Disney+. Centered around the character of Colonel Rhodes aka War Machine, we would have found Don Cheadle in his leading role. Eventually, Disney decided to turn the project into a movie.

armor wars movie
Credits: Marvel

As you may know, several Marvel projects are due to land on Disney+ in 2023. We know, for example, that Charlie Cox is due to return in the Daredevil costume in a new series called Daredevil Born Again. We should also see the hero of Hell’s Kitchen also in the Echo series, alongside a certain Wilson Fisk, still played by the impeccable Vincent D’Onofrio.

During the D23 Expo, the big-eared firm also unveiled a first trailer for Secret Invasion. This show will be centered on Nick Fury and will approach a narrative arc well known to comic book fans. It tells the fight led by the boss of SHIELD against the Skrulls, these aliens capable of adopting the appearance of anyone.

Note that the studio has announced beautiful people in the casting, starting with Cobie Smulders of course, but also Don Cheadle who will reprise his role as War Machine/Colonel Rhodes. Regarding the latter, Disney has also confirmed that a series centered on his character is also in development. It is also thought to be the direct sequel to Secret Invasion.

The Armor Wars series becomes a movie

This show, baptized Armor Wars, will not ultimately be. Be careful though, Disney has not decided to shelve the project but quite simply to make a movie. According to several sources relayed by our colleagues from the Hollywood Reporter, the studio realized that a feature film was better adopted for the project.

Of course, Don Cheadle is still there to reprise his role, while Yassir Lester, the series’ lead writer, will be in charge of the film’s script. So far, no director has been announced. It must be said that Disney’s decision surprised the teams of the series, which were preparing to start production in 2023.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that Disney has changed tack regarding the format adopted for a project. Initially, Hawkeye was designed as a feature film, for example, before the firm finally decided to make it a series for Disney+.

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