Disney+ censors the series by modifying the scenes that are too violent

As revealed by several users on Reddit, Disney + is currently editing the most violent scenes of the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So goodbye bloodshed and fatal blows, Disney obviously wishing to adapt the show for the youngest.

Since the launch of Disney + in 2019 in the United States and in March 2020 in France, the firm with the big ears has caused controversy on several occasions by censoring certain passages of its cult cartoons. This was the case for example for Toy Story 2, where an end scene was simply deleted for its comments deemed sexist by the company, or even the passage of Jim Crown the Raven in Dumbo, considered racist.

In January 2021, the platform also decided to display an awareness message under certain animated feature films which in its eyes contain racist clichés, such as Aladdin, Peter Pan or the Aristocats. However, as we learn from our colleagues on the TheDirect site, Disney is now looking to tone down the most violent scenes from the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series.

Indeed, several Reddit users have informed the American media that Disney had retouched certain passages for the benefit of an assembly, say, more suitable for families. For example, the death of Hydra scientist Wilfred Nagel has undergone some changes. While we could see bloodstains on the character’s face and shirt, the hemoglobin has completely disappeared and his eyes are now closed.

Disney Censors Violent Scenes from Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Another retouch reported by Reddit users, during a rather effective action scene on the docks, Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier violently impales an enemy with a pipe. In the original scene, the latter finds himself nailed to a container. In version 2.0, no more impalement in the program. The pipe just bounces hard off the attackerwithout piercing the flesh or the steel door of the container.

This also gives rise to a somewhat surreal scene, in the sense that the enemy is still nailed to the container… While the pipe has not impaled him. After checking on our part on the French version of Disney+, we confirm that these changes are indeed visible. Strangely, other violent scenes still remain in the series, like the murder perpetrated by John Walker with Captain America’s shield. Will they be retouched in the tower? The question remains.


Source: The Direct

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