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Disney+ could lose 20 million subscribers (but that’s not a big deal)

The platform with big ears will undoubtedly revise its ambitions downwards for the years to come.

After Netflix, which is losing subscribers and laying off workers, it’s Disney+’s turn to face the reality of the market. The SVOD platform had announced a target of 260 million subscribers worldwide by 2024, it will no doubt have to lower its ambitions.

As reported Bloomberg This Thursday, June 16, the entertainment giant has just lost an important battle over the rights to broadcast cricket matches in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The information may make people smile in the West, but it represents a colossal market. The Indian championship is indeed one of the most followed in the world, rivaling alone with the American National Football League and the British football league 1.

20 million subscribers in the hot seat

Following this loss of size, Disney+ could lose 20 million subscribers in the coming months, say experts from the research firm Media Partners Asia. It must be said that the platform, which boasted of having reached 138 million subscribers a few months ago, owes much of its success to Disney+ Hotstar, a service offered only in India and a few other countries in South Asia. Sud, which alone accounts for nearly 50 million active accounts.

Don’t worry about Disney+

The abandonment of the Indian Premier League could have serious consequences for Disney+. The firm will undoubtedly have to lower its ambitions in terms of progression, leaving Amazon Prime Video and Netflix the field free to stop its exponential progression. However, the American giant has not not really to worry about financially.

Indeed, subscribers concerned by the Indian Premier League benefit from a local rate well below the average subscription offered by Disney+. While the service is billed at €8.99 per month in France, and $8 per month in the United States, the Hotstar version is billed 899 rupees per year, less than one euro per month.

In terms of revenue, those subscriptions earn Disney+ less than $500 million a year, less than the company pays for IPL broadcast rights. For the group, Hotstar subscribers are actually very unprofitable. However, Disney continues to benefit from the rights to broadcast the IPL on traditional television networks, at the rate of 3 billion dollars over five years.

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