Disney+ is already considering a new price increase for the end of 2022

According to the CEO of Disney, the Disney+ streaming platform could revise the subscription price upwards. If the measure would not be announced immediately, it would nevertheless be announced by the end of the year..

Disney Plus price increase

Yes Disney+ has already increased its price in February 2021, less than a year after its launch in France, it may well be that subscribers will experience a further price increase by the end of the year. At least that’s what the CEO of Disney and Disney + left during the presentation of the financial results for the last quarter.

The good news, according to Bob Chapek, is thatit is unlikely that the platform rate will change by October 2022. The bad news, again according to the principal concerned, is that Disney+ could review the price of the subscription later.

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Disney +: the price of the subscription could increase after October 2022

According to Bob Chapek, if there was an increase this year, it would be to increase the number of programs available on the platform. “It’s all about content, content and more content,” he says. Disney+ CEO says he wants offer a greater quantity of new exclusive programs by 2023. “We will then have the option, if we want, to look at price increases for our service,” he explains.

This is not the first time that the streaming platform has increased its price since its debut. Launched at the price of €6.99/month in the United States and in some countries of the world such as the Netherlands, the service finally arrived in France on April 7, 2020. It took less than a year before seeing a price revised upwards. Today, the Disney+ subscription costs €8.99/month, or €89.99/year. An increase explained by the arrival of the Star category on the platform in February 2021. This has made it possible to considerably expand the Disney + catalog, while offering more “adult” content.

At present, Disney+ remains one of the most attractive SVoD services in terms of price. For comparison, a subscription to Netflix also costs €8.99/month, but the image is in SD and you are only entitled to one screen. To qualify for 4K and simultaneous broadcast on 4 screens, you have to pay €17.99/month… Double what Disney+ currently offers. A subscription to OCS costs €9.99/month for 2 screens simultaneously, and €11.99/month for 3 screens and the possibility of casting a program on a TV. Only Amazon Prime Video has a lower price than Disney+, since the subscription is priced at €5.99/me or €49/year.

Source: Cnet

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